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by Andy Cubin Published 01/10/2013


Figure 8.

This is a problem that manisfests itself amongst TV presenters and a wellknown industry fix for this issue is to physically sit on the tail of the jacket - the benefits of which can be clearly seen in Figure 9:

Now the jacket follows his body line and the offending shoulders and chest bulge are removed. Additionally, Andrew has posed his arms and hands in a way that, even though his legs are spread, the crotch area is partially hidden and in shadow, diminishing those distracting elements.


Figure 10.

For readers who are wedding photographers, this is a very handy trick to keep up your sleeve when posing the groom and groom's party . Often, their suits are hired and not tailored and there can be significant latitude in the fit of these garments - enough said.

Props In Posing Pouch 8 we looked at using pockets and belt hoops to keep the hands busy because men are hugely happy when their hands are occupied. Adding props to the mix achieves the goal of keeping the male subject's hands employed and therefore he will be happier and appear more comfortable.

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