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by Andy Cubin Published 01/10/2013


Figure 11.

(For readers who are family portrait photographers, they will know that the most difficult member of the group is always the father who invariably shows the least enthusiasm for having your camera pointed at them.

Eternally grateful will they be then, when you give them something to do with their hands.

Props need not be complex. The result is often a decent pose without any effort. Most men wear a wrist watch - some men wear shirts with long sleeves. These are props - see Figure 10.


Figure 12.

If we decide on creativity, adding props can only enhance our photographs of male subjects. Figures 11 and 12 are taken from our 'Film Noir ' Workshop - the use of the cigar and the gun clearly giving the images a boost - indeed without the props the images would have little meaning.

Location Finally, a few words on location. All the images in this article were shot in one location or another.

Again, locations don't have to be extravagant - brick walls and straircases are reasonably common and a wander round your local town or village will expose dozens of potential backgrounds which will suit nicely.

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