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by Andy Cubin Published 01/10/2012


Last month we looked at the effect of moving the shoulders and how it affected our posed portraits. Hopefully your interest was aroused because we will now address the issues of chins and necks - their problems and potential solutions. We will do this building on the knowledge learned thus far and by introducing some new ideas.

Since we don't subscribe to hard and fast rules, indulge me by accepting the following tip: "Wherever the chin is pointed, the neck is sure to follow."

Most of us possess a neck that is neither beautiful nor slender (the bad news). The fact is that the anatomy joining our heads to our shoulders, when posed badly, can look seriously dreadful. But (the good news), even the largest of necks can be made to look diminished in size and appearance with careful posing - so please read on to find out how...!


Neck shape is formed by the two major muscles running from just behind the earlobes down to either side of the Adam's Apple - these are the Sterno-Mastoids and their job is to flex and rotate the head (Fig 1).

These muscles can be compressed or extended by turning, tilting or nodding the head. As a general principle, extension stretches the muscle and it appears slender and toned, whereas compression flattens it and enlarges its appearance.

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