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by Andy Cubin Published 01/10/2012


Firstly let us start from basics and have our model Davina begin from square-on to the camera (Fig 2). As she starts to turn her head look at how the neck muscles on our right of picture extend and become more defined (Fig 3). If she keeps going to profile, the neck compression on picture left (under her chin) can now clearly be seen (Fig 4). Quite nice in the stretched area, not so nice in the compressed area.


Tilting the head has a similar effect (not surprisingly) but the compressing (enlarging) effect is more pronounced for two separate reasons:

a) the chin is not in the way to hide it, and
b) gravity says 'hello!!'

Fig 6 shows the compressed bulge in her lower cheek adding to the apparent size of the neck as well as gravity pulling that side of her face downward when compared to the higher side. (If you can't see this, tilt the magazine so her head is vertical to see the asymmetry.)

Again - quite nice in the stretched area - not so nice in the compressed area.

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1st Published 01/10/2012
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