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by Andy Cubin Published 01/10/2012


Body shape will always play a huge part here and it should be noted that all the image sequences thus far were taken with the camera fixed on a tripod.

So what happens when we chuck the tripod away, get some exercise and change the shooting angle (or viewpoint)?

The answer : everything!

Back up the page a bit we suggested that viewpoint could sort out neck crease issues but you can get much more than that. Viewpoint can completely change how a face is shaped and indeed the mood it conveys.

In this sequence, nothing changes except the shooting angle and the model being instructed to follow the lens with her eyes only. All I did, as the photographer, was to start off crouched down looking up, and finish on a small step ladder looking down.

Look at the right-hand image (Fig 17) and see how much slimmer the face and neck appear. This is because the neck is hidden and further away from the camera. The lower half of the face is also further away from the camera creating a narrower base.

The mood of the left-hand image (Fig 15) could be described as 'superior' - arguably not applicable to the right-hand image


Indulge me again by reviewing all the images in the sequences so far and see how the chin direction directly affects what happens to the neck.

The opening portrait, right back at the beginning of this article, was shot just like in Fig 17, except I asked the model to lean forward towards me as illustrated in Figs 18 and 19.

Leaning like this towards the camera elongates the neck beautifully and allows the photographer to hide any chin problem areas.

In summary then, posing (whether turning, tilting, nodding or leaning), when applied to the chin governs what the neck does and how much of it is visible. Furthermore, the pose will determine whether or not the neck is creased, how large/wide/long it appears and what sort of mood the final image will convey.

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