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by Andy Cubin Published 01/10/2014



Using the hands is an excellent way to emphasise a romantic link between two people and is clearly evident in Figure 1 above. Notice how the female model's visible wrist is bent as her hand curves round her partner's neck. This bend in the wrist, although subtle, is key in that it shows an actual loving connection between the individuals in the frame. This holds good wherever the hands are placed from partner to partner, ie back of head, elbow, chest, etc.

In fact, the models used for these images are a couple so this bit was easy for both them and me.

Often, and badly, the wrist can be rigid as in Figure 2 and for me, the connection between these two lovebirds is somewhat lost.


Remember the guideline: If it can bend - bend it!

From a recent wedding, I noticed in edit how uncomfortable elements of the 'exchange of rings' shot looked when the man (my new brother-inlaw) placed the wedding ring on my sister's finger:

Notice in Figure 3 how she has raised the 'correct' finger (she even painted the nail a different colour!) but this gave the hand a 'claw-like appearance and the pose certainly lacks elegance. Notice also how both his hands look awkward and strained or forced in what was a genuinely spontaneous shot.

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