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by Andy Cubin Published 01/10/2014


Figure 5 shows our couple in full kiss, something that a wedding photographer would certainly be expected to capture in the course of the day's proceedings. Note, however, that both faces are being squashed up by the kiss and, in my view, since their lips have already met, there is no sense of anticipation because the kiss is already happening and the shot is generally lacking for that.


Figure 6 shows a better interpretation in that the couple have yet to reach the kiss. More expression is visible and the faces are undisrupted. The kiss is implied, as it is set to happen in a second later, but there is also a sense of anticipation. (If, as the reader, you find yourself pursing your lips as you read this section, you are not the only one!)

This shot is far more difficult than might first appear. First of all, the models (or happy couple!) need to be briefed to 'go in slowly'. This is somewhat unnatural, but is necessary so that the photographer has a chance of capturing that brief moment before the meeting of mouths.

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