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by Andy Cubin Published 01/10/2014


Additionally, the angle of the shot is crucial, so I always ask the couple to kiss naturally in front of me before I start shooting. I take special notice of which way they lean - left to left at the nose or right to right. That then tells me which side of the couple I need to be on to shoot them because I want the female with her nose closest to me just like in Figure 6 above.

Figure 7 shows how I got it wrong. His face and nose are closest to me and my shooting angle has his nose blocking hers completely - in fact it looks as though she doesn't have a nose!


The reader might think this is all studio- and model-generated mumbojumbo but, I'll add another two shots from my sister and new brother-inlaw's wedding day that show precisely the point made above:

For me, Figure 8 wins for the points highlighted above - indeed, Figure 9 didn't make the album because of the disrupted faces and the cropped hand. And yes, I do wish I had seen the applauding gentleman in the background and got him into Figure 8!

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