Published 28/05/13

Reflecta introduces new range of LED Video Lights

Kenro has announced the launch of two new cost-effective LED Video Lights by Reflecta, the respected German manufacturer of†digitalisation products and specialists in Light Technology, to the UK and Irish market for the first time.


The new Reflecta LED Video Light is available in two models featuring either 105 or 210 dimmable LEDs, the equivalent to four or seven watts, allowing for better exposures to be taken during unfavourable lighting conditions. Both units offer a broad lighting angle of 55% and adjustable rotating head with hotshoe including locking screw, giving photographers and video users maximum versatility when shooting.

Photographers and videographers alike will particularly appreciate the common feature of an integrated temperature control found in both versions of the Reflecta LED Video Light. The handy feature allows colour temperature to be easily adjusted between 3000K to 6000K.

The RPL 210-VCT can be operated by AA batteries, by Li-Ion battery or DC power and therefore very adaptable. The Reflecta RPL 105-VCT is powered by 4 AA batteries. Both are lightweight and their compact design teamed with an impressively long burn time of up to 150 minutes makes the new Reflecta video lights ideal companions for those who are constantly on the move.

Technical Details of the Reflecta RPL 105 & 210VCT

Number of LEDs 105 / 210
Lifetime of LED approx. 50.000 hours
Lux in 1m distance 600 Lux / 1200 Lux
Lumen 350 / 680
Power Consumption 4 Watt / 7 Watts
Colour Temperature max 6.000K
Colour Temperature min 3.000K
Angle of Illumination 55
Dimmable Brightness
Adjustable Colour Temperature
Power Source 4xAA Batteries 105 / Li-Ion battery, 6xAA Batteries or DC Power 210
Battery Level Indicator
Operating time 100% power 90min
Operating time 50% power 150min
Rotating Ball-Head with Hotshoe
Dimensions approx 85x125x65 mm HxLxW 105 / 55x150x90mm HxLxW 210
Weight approx 295g incl 4 x AA batteries 105 / 498g incl 6 x AA batteries 210

The Reflecta LED Video Light RPL 210 comes supplied with atransparent diffusor, rotating ball head with hotshoe, DC power adaptor, barndoors, and a manual. The Reflecta LED Video Light 105 also comes supplied with a transparent diffusor, rotating ball head with hotshoe and an instruction booklet.

Said Kenro's managing director Paul KenchKenro are delighted that Reflecta has now brought their LED Video Lights to the UK market, providing keen videographers and photographers an excellent opportunity to reap the benefits of using additional lighting. Insensitive to shock or vibrations, both models possess extremely low heat generation, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their videos in a cost-effective way.

Other products in the Reflecta range include digital microscopes, endoscopes, video and studio lights, USB record players plus its renowned selection of slide projectors. Kenro is the UK and Ireland distributor for Reflecta.

The Reflecta LED Video Light RPL 210 and Reflecta LED Video Light RPL 105 are both available now. The 210 version has a suggested retail price of £186.00 and the 105 version has a suggested retail price of £99.60.

Contact http://www.kenro.co.uk

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