Published 12/09/18

The Laowa 24mm f14 Macro Probe Lens

Every now and again there is a new product that is so innovative that it defies all the odds of what is currently available, with this in mind.We are pleased to introduce one of the weirdest but most ingenius of macro lenses ever.


Most macro lenses in the photographic market tend to have a long focal length from 60mm to 120mm and the subject fills most of the frame, isolating it from the surrounding environment. The Laowa 24mm Probe Lens, instead, allows you to focus really close 2cm 21 to the subject, showing a great amount of detail and texture, although at the same time, you can enjoy a compelling wide angle 'Bug Eye' view 84.1 so that more background details can then be included in the shots. You can easily create a very informative and stunning macro bug-eye perspective that no other lenses can do. The fact that it can focus really close to the subject enables a lot of shooting possibilities.

The Laowa probe is actually super light and easy to carry. It weighs only 1.04 pounds 474 grams. The Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe can cover both the standard 35mm full frame & Super35 image sensor.

If You think that this is cool enough Think again. In order to bring you an even more exciting perspective and take your photos or video to the next level, we have made the front barrel of the Laowa probe waterproof. The waterproof design also implies shooting in dusty environment or with fine powders are not going to be a problem anymore. You can literally use it ANYWHERE.

Why is it f/14 not f/1.4 Why is there a LED ring light at the front Macro photography is about Depth of Field and so a smaller aperture is usually used. An LED ring light powered through the micro-usb slot on the barrel is embedded in the lens tip to provide additional lighting for focus assistance. In most cases, the more light you have on your subject, the better your shot will look.

As macro photographers, you usually face the problem of not being able to shoot smaller subjects. With the Laowa probe, you can now take advantage of the 21 maximum magnification to shoot really small bugs and reveal details that cannot be seen by the naked eye. It is particularly useful for videography as both finer details and environmental background can be captured in one shot.

The wide angle design also means much more depth of field at closer distances compared to the telephoto macro lens so that more background details can now be seen. Being able to focus so close but still having a deep depth of field is a BIG advantage for both studio and wildlife shooting.

Understanding this weird design
just simply inaccessible. Thanks to the 40cm 15.7" long barrel, you can now focus really close to the subject but still keep yourself and your camera distance away. This feature is super useful and makes your macro shooting so much easier. Imagine how convenient it will be to shoot a frog hiding in the bushes using the Probe lens, compared to getting your typical 100mm macro lens super close to it to avoid leaves blocking your subject.
The less blurry background allows the habitat of the subject to be included in your photo.

Shooting lethal snakes No problem. The long lens barrel also allows us to keep a safe distance away from shooting lethal snakes. Your big camera body and lens will no longer 'alert' your subject too.

From a filmmaking perspective, the Tubular Lens barrel also allows shooting a lot of "slide in" shots through tiny areas. Imagine sliding the lens between candles on your birthday cake or sliding the lens inside a drink bottle. Something that no other lenses in this earth can do. Our opening product showcase shot in the main video was also shot with this technique.

Getting proper lighting onto the subject is not always an easy task for macro photography. Typical macro lenses have large lens barrels at least 60mm or above in diameter, blocking most of the light from hitting the subject. Our Laowa probe, on the other hand, features a 20mm diameter lens tip which makes it super easy to get sufficient illumination.

The tiny 0.2cm in diameter lens tip unlocks the possibility to get really close to your subject OR very low to the ground level to capture a 'delicious' perspective never seen before and maximise the visual impact. Your viewers are literally like walking on the pizza now.

Camera Mounts Still Canon EF,Nikon F,Sony FE, Pentax K

Camera Mounts Cine Arri PL, Canon EF

Availability should be November and the prices will be £1599.00 for the Photo lenses and £1799.00 for the Cinema lenses

For more information please contact the website below

Contact https://www.laowalens.co.uk/

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