Published 20/01/17

Another bright idea, Three new NanGuang Fresnel lights from Kenro

Kenro Ltd, the specialist photo & video distributor for the UK and Ireland, has announced three new LED continuous lights to extend its NanGuang Fresnel lighting range - CN60F, CN100F and CN200F - ideal for photo and video use.


Fresnel lighting is more directional and is often preferred in studios and on location where light strength and direction is more important than the heavily diffused lighting that flat panel lights give.

While not strictly 'spot' lights - as they don’t have a clear lens - Fresnel lighting is directional and is often used for top and back lighting, as it offers a wider angle of light than spotlights.

The NanGuang CN60F LED Focusing Fresnel Spotlight joins the existing CN20FC and CN30F models in the NanGuang Fresnel range, but offers substantially more power at 60W. As with all the NanGuang lighting heads, the CN60F operates silently, cooled by passive air flow, which makes it perfect for studio or video use.

The angle of the beam is variable from wide 55 degrees to a narrow 12 degrees, and the power is dimmable 0-100%, controlled by manually operated knobs. The head also has a built-in 2.4G receiver, which allows the beam angle and power to be controlled via an app or wireless controller (not currently available, but coming soon to Kenro).

Power is 12-18V DC via the included 100-240V main transformer. Colour temperature is 5600K (adjustable with the included set of filters) and illumination is 4497LM. Head weight is 2.5kg and the full kit is 6kg.

The kit includes a nicely padded carry case, CN60F head, barn doors, light stand mount bracket, Fresnel lens, filters (3200K, 4000K and 4800K) and power adapter.

SRP is £527.94 including VAT.

Full specs on the Kenro website


For those who need more power, the NanGuang CN100F and CN200F provide 100W and 200W power output respectively, and have the added feature of being able to be controlled via a DMX lighting desk.

The NanGuang CN100F features a variable Fresnel lens with a beam of 10-65 degrees and has an illumination level of 8448 LM. Head weight is 3.85kg and full kit weight is 7.5kg. SRP is £995.94 including VAT.

The NanGuang CN200F’s Fresnel lens focuses between 12 and 35 degrees and illumination level is 11923 LM. Head weight is 7kg and full kit weight is 17kg. SRP is £1,620 including VAT.

A heavy duty light stand, the CN3000F, is a recommended optional accessory for the CN200F. This light stand has a working height of 140-310cm, and a footprint of 62cm for excellent stability. The maximum working load for this light stand is 12kg.

Says Paul Kench, Kenro's managing director: "The new more powerful NanGuang Fresnel LED lights are particularly suited to commercial and large product photography applications where stronger, more directional lighting is required over a wide angle. They are often used in conjunction with other light types, like panels and spots to create the perfect lighting set up.

''The whole of the NanGuang lighting range offers such great value, and because of this it is much easier for photographers to purchase additional lights to cater for all types of photo shoots.''

All quoted prices are SRP guide, including VAT.

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