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We have just had a shipment of titles from Amherst Media.
Be the first to own the latest knowledge and benefit your photography and business. Limited stock.

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Unleashing the Raw Power of Adobe Camera Raw: Master Techniques

Unleashing the Raw Power of Adobe Camera Raw: Master Techniques- NEW!

Giving photographers the opportunity to more freely experiment with their images, this detailed guidebook demonstrates how to utilize RAW files and Adobe Camera Raw, a utility that comes with every copy of Adobe Photoshop. Digital photographs captured in the RAW format preserve all of the data recorded by the digital camera. Because there is more data to work with, photographers have more flexibility in processing by using Adobe Camera Raw, so they can maximize the dynamic range of images and produce high-quality image files that are free from technical flaws. With handy tricks for salvaging a disastrous image or enhancing a good image, this manual also includes an online component where readers can use the sample image files provided on the publisher's website to follow along, step by step, with the author as he discusses the enhancements being made to the images files. Photographers will be equipped with the ability to harness the full potential of every image captured—and to ensure they deliver images of the highest possible quality to every client

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Creative Wedding Album Design with Adobe Photoshop Creative Wedding Album Design with Adobe Photoshop - BACK IN STOCK!

Pairing photographic creativity with digital-manipulation techniques, this unique manual teaches the use of Photoshop to design artful, distinctive, and compelling wedding albums. Showing that the artistic process need not stop at the click of the shutter, the steps for album creation are detailed-reviewing the images, forming a story line, and conveying the tale through well-designed montages. Offering 10 projects with varying levels of complexity and covering diverse skill sets, step-by-step techniques are demonstrated with detailed screen shots. Strategies for designing album covers are also included, and a companion website features downloadable practice files for easy review. Highlighting the sophistication and robustness found in image manipulation, this dynamic guide inspires and enables while emphasizing the marketable edge of adding imaginative graphic design capabilities to any photo studio business.

Was £21.99 Now £15.00

Master Posing Guide for Wedding PhotographersMaster Posing Guide for Wedding Photographers - BACK IN STOCK!


Posing is one of the most important tools used by professional photographers to optimize the appearance of their subjects. Unfortunately, at weddings—where time is typically tight and couples don't want lenghtly photo sessions to distract them from time with their guests—there's often little opportunity to meticulously craft the best pose for each individual.

Was £24.99 Now £15.00

Master's Guide to Wedding Photography

Master's Guide to Wedding Photography - BACK IN STOCK!

Marcus Bell is an internationally acclaimed photographer whose images evoke emotion, demand respect, and stand out from the crowd. In this book, Bell shares a compelling combination of gorgeous images and hard-won advice on everything from perfecting your shot list to flawlessly capturing each crucial shot, to creating a lifelong photographer-client relationship. You'll also get tips for capturing the unique energy and mood of each wedding, enhancing your images with Photoshop, and creating an evocative image presentation. Don't miss this book!

Was £21.99 Now £15.00

Softbox Lighting Techniques for Professional Photographers

Softbox Lighting Techniques for Professional Photographers- BACK IN STOCK!

Beautiful lighting is the key to creating professional-quality images. In his book, you'll learn how to use one of photography's most popular tools, the softbox, to produce lighting effects that are almost magical. Featuring numerous detailed lighting diagrams that show you how to re-create a wide variety of portrait looks, as well as product and interior architecture images, this book details the simple steps you can take to create your best-ever images. The result is gorgeous images that practically sell themselves.

Was £24.99 Now £15.00

Master Lighting Guide for Wedding Photographers

Master Lighting Guide for Wedding Photographers - BACK IN STOCK!


On the wedding day, you have just a few minutes to perfectly capture critical moments—from the walk down the aisle, to the exchange of rings, to the first dance. This book shows you the surefire techniques the industry's best use to capture every can't-miss moment. Including award-wining images from over fifty contributors, this book will both educate and inspire.

Was £25.00 Now £15.00

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