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Spyder Pro 5Datacolor Spyder 5 Pro

Datacolor Spyder 5 Pro is the advanced colour accuracy solution for monitors, specially designed for the serious photographer to help you see, share and print pictures just as you've intended them. With this full-featured and interactive tool, you can now break free from the hassle of figuring out why the colours on your screen don’t match your prints. Spyder 5 Pro creates a unique colour profile for each of your monitors and adjusts their brightness levels based on your room lighting, so you can see the true colours of your photographs, both on screen and in print. With just minutes spent every month to calibrate your monitor, you can confidently edit your photos for spot-on print results every single time. Now you have more time to spend on this that matter to you, like capturing ad sharing memorable moments.

Our Price £120
Save: 23% off

Spyder 5 StudioDatacolor Spyder5 Studio

Capture, Edit and Print with complete control of your digital workflow and the utmost in colour accuracy.

Spyder5STUDIO ensures your photos are captured accurately, your monitor displays true-to-life colours, and your prints are perfect every time.

Datacolor Spyder5STUDIO is the ultimate colour calibration solution designed for photographers who demand the highest level of control and accuracy over their entire digital colour workflow.

Suite of tools that ensures your photos are captured accurately, your monitor displays true-to-life colours, and your prints are perfect every time – no matter what ink or paper you choose.

From start to finish, Spyder5STUDIO colour calibrates all of your monitors and ensures professional quality printing results

Our Price £320
Save: 9% off

Ice LightWestcott Ice Light *EX DEMO*

The patented Ice Light is a lightweight, dimmable daylight balanced continuous LED light source with a built-in battery.

Designed by award-winning photographer and lecturer, Jerry Ghionis, the Ice Light offers the ability to shoot and light in tandem without the need of heavy light stands or additional mounting systems.

Ergonomic design allows for single-handed operation and requires no additional mounting accessories.

The LED array combined with the diffused front face provides extremely soft and even, wrap-around light. This eliminates the need for additional light-modifying tools. The LEDs are true daylight colour and rated for over 50,000 hours of use.

Our Price £240
Save: 40% off

Portrait Book, TheThe Portrait Book

Steven H. Begleiter knows a little something about photography. He's been in the field for more than twenty years, has photographed celebrities and U.S. presidents, and worked alongside famed photographer Annie Liebovitz. This wonderful book outlines the skills you need to achieve great success, the places you need to go to find it, and page after page of hard-won, intimate portraits that pop off the page. With interviews from photo editors from the New Yorker, Vibe, and Vanity Fair, a historic perspective of the art of portrait photography, a list of self-assignments, and a host of indispensible tips, this is the book you've been waiting for.

Our Price £7.50
Save: 66% off

Westcott X-Drop backdrop kits

Westcott is pleased to announce a new special offer on their X-Drop backdrop kits exclusively to The Societies of Photographers.

Instant photo studio at home or on-the-go.
Perfect for travel, the X-Drop System is the lightest on the market. This unique all-in-one background system provides quick set up and tear down with telescoping legs and arms, fitting backdrops up to 5′ x 7′. The kit includes a 5′ x 7′ backdrop that incorporates grommets along the top and bottom for easy hanging and a taut fit. The included expandable carry case is perfect for travel and can fit the X-Drop system and up to 3 backdrops.

Our Price £99
Save: 18% off

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Win - ON1 software prizes worth over £180

Your chance to win ON1 Plus Pro or ON1 Photo 10 valued at up to £180
1st Prize - ON1 Plus Pro
2nd Prize - ON1 Photo 10

With an ON1 Plus Pro membership, you get ON1's complete collection of photo editing apps - ON1 Photo 10 - and exclusive access to a photography coaching website that gives you personal interaction with Matt Kloskowski and other top educators.

For more information on how to enter, plus download a 60 day free trial please see here
Team SportMaster Guide for Team Sports Photography

Team sports photography can be a lucrative business, but it is also one of the most fiercely competitive genres in the business. In this book, James Williams shows you how to ensure the best-possible images by improving your lighting, posing, and capture techniques. You'll also get pointers on developing exceptional people skills effectively managing massive shoots with school districts and sports leagues. You'll also get an inside look at the steps you must take to land assignments you're after, how to prepare for picture day, how to add novelty products to offerings, how to price your work, and how to deliver images that kids and parents will love. Armed with this information, you'll be able to expand upon an existing portrait base or specialty solely in this unique and rewarding field.

Our Price £10
Save: 55% off

SLRThe Master Guide to Digital SLR Cameras

In this book, you’ll learn the essentials of digital imaging—from image capture, to resolution, to file formats and more. You'll also discover each camera’s basic features —information that will help you select the model that best suits your needs. Discussion and images provide insight on top models from major manufacturers.

Our Price £10
Save: 55% off

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