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Mastering Lighting and Posing - Rick Ferro

In this class you will learn how to be in control of your exposure wherever you go.

Rick will teach: How to use a Meter
How to use a translucent material to control harsh lighting
How to use a facemask histogram
How to control indoor lighting and outdoor lighting.

Rick has designed a complete program on posing and will introduce you to his Progressive Posing Program.
This program helps a photographer to change poses from one to the next in seconds.
He will also cover lots of different hand poses, body language and the Art of Romance.

Surrey - 17th November 2013
Tewkesbury - 18th November 2013
Leicestershire - 19th November 2013
Dublin - 20th November 2013

A Different Way? The Documentray Way by Kevin Mullins

Subject: Weddings Hands On Creativity
Day: Sunday 19th Jan 2014
Time: 09.00 to 13.00 - Superclass
Main Speaker Kevin Mullins in room : Tower Wing Boardrooms 2

This Superclass will explore the way that Kevin has built his wedding photography business focusing exclusively on documentary style of photography.

This class will concentrate initially on shooting style, approach, gear and methodologies - the practical side of shooting documentary weddings.

We will explore camera settings and functionality as well as training the eye to spot a "moment".

We will go through a complete wedding of Kevin's and we will also use this time to examine any photographs of your own that you wish to discuss.

The second part of this Superclass will deal with the business. We will look at client acquisition, cost of that acquisition, the pitch, the products and the marketing used by Kevin.

Tools that are used throughout the business management process and a full workflow and editing example from cards to gallery.



Winners Announced for 'In The Wild'

Winners Announced 'Breaking News'

Winners Announced 'People and Places'

In The Wild Photographic Competition Winners Announced

DxO FilmPack v4.1 fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC

Calumet launches two new Professional flash systems

Ilford Lab USA now oopen for business

2 flagship Calumet stores are now home to EIZO monitors for photographers to trial

Bradford - (TOMORROW) 5 September

It's still not too late to register for free tickets to our next roadshow in Bradford (5 September).

Free entry to trade show (20 exhibitors) and Masterclasses.

Damien Lovegrove
John Denton
Catherine Connor

Ice Lights - Special offer

For a limited time we have the Westcott 'Ice Light' on a special offer. until the 15th September 2013

The Ice Light is a portable, dimmable, daylight balanced, continuous LED light source with a built in battery. Created for multiple uses including photography and videography. Designed by world renowned photographer and lecturer Jerry Ghionis and manufactured by Westcott.

RRP £399.00 Our Price £349.00 Save: 13% off


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