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We have just had a shipment of brand new titles from Amherst Media, many of which are unavailable from any other source as of yet. Be the first to own the latest knowledge and benefit you photography and business. Limited stock.

Available Light Available Light

There are huge advantages to shooting with natural or available light: it lets you shoot more spontaneously, it puts your portrait subjects at ease, and it makes it easier to see the relationships between highlights and shadows. Above all, working with natural light will get you to think on your feet and become a better photographer, because every time you shoot you'll be presented with a new lighting situation. This book will help you rise to each occasion and create outstanding images with natural light.

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Save: 34% off

Minimalist Lighting - Professional Techniques for StudioMinimalist Lighting - Professional Techniques for Studio

Working from the studio used to be a complicated and expensive task requiring great skill and extensive equipment to ensure that the imagery was as effective as location photography. Now a more minimalist approach is not only possible, but preferable thanks to developments in camera and lighting technologies. Minimalist Lighting explores how this shift can be exploited with less complexity and a smaller budget, which offers the reader more flexibility than ever before to create varied, sophisticated imagery from their studios.

Was £24.99 Now 14.51
Save: 42% off

Ellie Vayo's Guide to Boudoir Photography Ellie Vayo's Guide to Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography can add a prosperous new addition to studio photographer's services, but it is often overlooked through lack of information on how to market this work. Ellie Vayo shows readers how they can implement tasteful marketing strategies to start attracting clients, often allowing clients to make the first move. She also shows how boudiour photography can be incorporated into wedding packages. Also covered are tips on styling, lighting and posing, ensuring that female subjects look and feel their best. Included are ample case studies covering all aspects of a shoot

Was £24.99 Now 16.49
Save: 34% off

Master Posing Guide for Wedding PhotographersMaster Posing Guide for Wedding Photographers

Top wedding photographers share their skills and experience with readers to ensure that they obtain the best wedding shots possible. This invaluable advice is beautifully illustrated through examples of their sophisticated imagery.

Was £24.99 Now 14.51
Save: 42% off

Doug Box's Guide to Posing for Portrait PhotographersDoug Box's Guide to Posing for Portrait Photographers

Posing is one of the most difficult aspects for portrait photographers to learn. Doug Box presents an introduction to posing basics, showing the reader how to emphasise the best features of their sitter and create successful imagery. This essential volume, illustrated with Box's own stunning images will further the reader's photography skills and provide a lasting reference tool. Included are case-studies to provide a perfect visual reference that allows readers to quickly re-create a portrait look that suits their client's demands.

Was £24.99 Now 14.51
Save: 42% off

Photographing Jewish Weddings Photographing Jewish Weddings

A guide to the culture and traditions of Jewish wedding photography that allows readers to extend their business to the jewish market, but providing real insight and useful information on the different ceremonies from the completely secular to the extremely orthadox. Timeslines and schedules are discussed with useful, informative case-studies alonsdie advice of must-have images and advice on how to photograph the couple before and after the Chuppah.

Was £24.99 Now 16.49
Save: 34% off


Lighting Techniques for Middle Key Portrait PhotographyLighting Techniques for Middle Key Portrait Photography

Norman Phillips, author of Lighting Techniques for High Key Portrait Photography and Lighting Techniques for Low Key Portrait Photography, examines a much over-looked area of photography: the middle key. As Phillips shows, the fact that many photographers ignore middle key as a way of structuring their images results in portraits that may be cluttered or be visually confusing because elements of the scene, subject, clothing, props, and lighting are actually at odds with each other. By approaching these images with the concept of middle key in mind, it becomes much easier to avoid common errors and produce images with greater impact.

Was £23.99 Now 14.51
Save: 40% off

Children's Photography Bundle DealChildren's Photography Bundle Deal

Master Posing Guide for Children's Portrait Photography

Studio Portrait Photography of Children and Babies, 3rd Edition

Children's Portrait Photography A Photojournalistic Approach

Was £68.97 Now £45.00
Save: 35% off

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