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the societiesThe Societies' Newsletter  - 21.06.12
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Congratulations to Successful Qualifications Submissions

Seminars by Morag MacDonald

Yorkshire England - 5 July (05/07/2012) - Wedding Lighting
Nottinghamshire England - 6 July (06/07/2012) - Wedding Lighting

Morag MacDonald, BA (Hons), PGdipHE, ASWPP, LMPA

Having picked up five professional awards in the last 12 months Bristol based Photographer Morag MacDonald throws her heart and soul into the weddings and portraits that she photographs. Her passion for creating fresh new imagery drives her to seek out new places and push the boundaries of photography.

Morag is in demand not only for her photography, but as a lecturer to universities and major photographic organisations in the UK and abroad. Completely immersing herself in her subject, Morag has a best-selling book (Wedding Photography - a professional guide), published by Argentum in 2007.

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Our Line-Up of Top Speakers

Lisa Beaney - Seamus Costello - John Denton - Marko Dutka - Morag MacDonald - Damian McGillicuddy -
Gordon McGowan - Ramon Sammut - Kevin Mullins - Bjorn Thomassen - Dave Wall - Phil Jones - Tom Lee

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Jerry Ghionis - Full Day In Camera Artistry - Using Any Light Source

As one of the few modern masters of wedding photography that is not proficient in Photoshop, Jerry has learned to create stunning images in camera using any light source around him.
Jerry will show you how to create images with harsh sunlight, window light, candlelight, flash (on camera and off camera), video light, including tungsten and LED, and even non-conventional light sources resulting in striking images. Known as the "MacGyver" of photography, Jerry has the innate ability to turn ordinary situations into extraordinary images using any light source. Jerry will show you how easy it can be.

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Jeff Smith's Studio Flash Photography - Only 8 in Stock

With a practical approach to the art and business of professional photography, this handbook shows how to use lighting more effectively, efficiently, and economically.

Beginning with a discussion of lighting sources and moving into an outline of light modifiers, this guide demonstrates how a few light sources can be infinitely modified to create precision lighting effects that are customized for each subject.

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