The Societies Newsletter                18th March 09

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Brand New Day, Making the Magic Happen

In my life, it has never been about maintaining the status quo, it will never be enough. I know that is sad. I believe it keeps me going and striving for more. We have all heard the saying if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Unfortunately that concept has never worked for me. I get bored way too easily. My dad always says, 'if you don’t change you die'.....

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Flying with the Red Arrows by Jamie Hunter

The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, represents the very public face of the RAF and serves to demonstrate the professionalism and excellence of the Service and promote recruitment. It also plays a vital role representing the UK around the world. Everyone has heard of the Red Arrows. When you watch one of their displays it is always polished, always executed with precision, and always very, very impressive.

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Get Down With Wildlife

Let’s face it, as 'homo sapiens' we do tend to view everything in the world from our somewhat elevated point of view. When we shoot a wedding or other social event, we do so standing up because we photograph our clients from ‘eye level’ – after all, we don’t want to be taking shots up the bride's nose do we? Similarly, when our clients are sitting for a photograph we either kneel for the shot or use a waist-level viewfinder in order to obtain that eye-level Point of View (PoV)....

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EPSON 7990 Printer - further testing

We delivered an initial report on the Epson 7900 printer in the October- November issue of Professional Imagemaker. Since that time we have had the opportunity to test the machine more fully and to perform some serious testing and print-making. We remain impressed – read on!

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Reflections on Nude Photography by Mark Laurie

It ’s been 28 years this past summer doing pretty much exclusively female nude and lingerie work. Things have changed. When we started back in 1980 we offered strong soft focus, David Hamilton type images. The search for the perfect soft focus filter was ongoing. Calgary was only 400,000 people, highly conservative and in Bible Belt country. There was no glamour or nude photography industry back then and very few, (I think I found two), books on boudoir photography. No courses or seminars. nude back lit Yet we decided this was to be our niche. We always projected; initially it was with a machine that projected 4x5 prints onto my white built-in oven. Now it’s a projector going onto an 8 foot by 7 foot screen, live in Photoshop.

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A likeness painted with light

One of the most important skills that we as photographers must learn is the ‘Seeing and Controlling of Light’. From the tuition days I run at my studio and talks I given at conventions I am finding that more and more “photographers” (People who Paint with Light) just do not know, or understand, what to do when setting up portrait lighting.

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2010 Convention details are now being released

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The BIG ‘L’ Challenge

Now here is a challenge to our members - a real opportunity to gain the recognition for their work in the area that they specialise in.

We are embarking upon the biggest ever UK and Ireland Roadshow to give members the opportunity to submit for Licentiate.

Member outside the UK and Ireland can submit at the reduced rate and the panels will be adjudicated and a report supplied.

25 locations in the month of June so everyone has the chance to get ready.

All members can come along and watch the judging process at no charge - submissions booked in advance carry a reduced fee of £30

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Inspiration is the first training DVD and CD of Photoshop Actions by Paul.

Inspiration DVD

Be inspired by Paul's award winning images

Photoshop Actions CD

Automated ACTIONS to help you improve your images and work flow

1 “Deverill” Effects - 24 actions special effects and toning
2 “Deverill” Cropping - 22 popular print size crops
3 “Deverill” Better Image - 4 Photoshop action shortcuts, not guaranteed depends on the image give them a try.
4 “Deverill” Portrait - 8 enhancement tools for portrait production
5 “Deverill” Competition - 8 frames to give you finished image a great look

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Taking the Credit for you work

We are delighted to announce a radical addition to the way in which Society members can gain recognition as a photographer.

With effect from March 1st 2009 members will receive ‘Credits’ which accumulate and will and help you gain your

And the new distinctions of
Grand Master

This is certainly the largest undertaking by any organisation to motivate members to gain true recognition for their work.

The primary objective of this new benefit of membership is to encourage members to advance their skill levels and for those who give something back to the industry through The Societies to reward them for their generosity.

Further details can be found at: 
Developing the Ultimate Photography Business

"Developing the Ultimate Photography Business"

Michael and Pam Ayers - 27th March Netherlands

Michael and Pam Ayers - 29th March Denmark

Michael and Pam Ayers - 1st April Norway

From Survival, To Success, Then Significance

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