The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers

The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers

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The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers
The Society of International Sport and Leisure Photographers
The Society of International Travel and Tourism Photographers
The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers
The Society of International Media and Press Photographers
The Society of International Commercial and Industrial Photographers
The Society of International School and Event  Photographers
The Society of International Fashion and Glamour Photographers
The objects of the SOCIETY’ shall be to provide co-operation between and act generally in the common interest of the Members in all matters concerning their photography and to give assistance to individual members where appropriate.
(a) Membership of the society shall be open to persons who are engaged in the full time photography, or are aspiring photographers, or as shall be accepted into membership by the secretary of ‘SOCIETY’.
(b) A member may withdraw from the ‘SOCIETY’ by giving clear notice in writing prior to the next annual subscriptions falling due, to the secretary, such notice shall not be deemed to have been received unless posted by recorded delivery or receipt is acknowledge by the secretary in writing. On expiry of such notice such members shall forfeit all benefits and interest in the ‘SOCIETY’ as from that date, but shall be liable for any unsatisfied dues or commitments towards the ‘SOCIETY’ including full memberships fees for the year in which the resignation becomes effective.
(c) All members agree to abide by the Rules and Code of conduct of the ‘SOCIETY’.
4. Every member shall at all times present himself/herself, his/her photography services, in such a manner as will uphold and dignify his professional status and the reputation of the ‘SOCIETY’
5. Every member shall exercise all reasonable skill, care and diligence in the discharge of the duties agreed to be performed by him/her giving consideration to the requirements of the client. Additionally members must have the appropriate Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance where appropriate.
6. Any member being an employee shall not undertake photographic work outside his own organisation without notifying or obtaining permission from his employer.
7. In whatever capacity a member may be engaged he/she shall act in a just and faithful manner towards clients, employers, employees and towards others with whom his work is connected and towards other members.
8. No work shall be undertaken by a member acting by/as a consultant or practitioner on the invitation of a prospective client without a proper fee.
9. A member, on being approached or being instructed to proceed with any photographic service upon which he/she is aware another member is engaged, shall notify the fact to such other member.
10. A member will not lay claim to any qualification or distinction that has not been properly achieved.
11. Print competition: The competition is open to all members. Images submitted for competition may be used for promotional use by the ‘‘SOCIETY’, unless otherwise agreed in advance.  
12. Full members may register for the BPPA forum. The ‘SOCIETY’ reserves the right to withdraw Forum membership for breaches of the Forum rules, a copy of which can be found on the Forum.
13. Use of Logo’s – members may only use the Logo’s of the ‘SOCIETIES’, which they subscribe to. If using the Logo/s on a web site then a hyperlink to the relevant  ‘SOCIETY’ must be created
14. Members agree to receive regular newsletters via email
Members of ‘SOCIETIES’ are governed by the code of conduct of the Society. The clauses given below indicate the general standard of conduct to which members must adhere in carrying out there professional duties. The ‘SOCIETY’ has power at its absolute discretion to expel or to suspend from membership any member guilty of dishonourable conduct prejudicially affecting his professional status or the reputation of the ‘SOCIETY’ or for his failure to adhere to the code of conduct published by the ‘SOCIETY’.
The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) is a trading name of
6 Bath Street
LL18 3EB
Company No: 03922894
VAT number 790 4289 05
Tel: 01745 356935