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Wednesday 24th September 2014  


Hertfordshire Wedding Cars

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  1. 24-7 Limos - 24-7 Limos - Hertfordshire
  2. A1 Stretch Limousines - A1 Stretch Limousines - Hertfordshire
  3. Academy Auto Classic Car Hire - Academy Auto Classic Car Hire - Hertfordshire
  4. Ace Cars of Hoddesdon - Ace Cars of Hoddesdon - Hertfordshire
  5. Almond Lane Carriage Co. - Almond Lane Carriage Co. - Hertfordshire
  6. Annie Wedding Cars - Annie Wedding Cars - Hertfordshire
  7. Arange Executive Hire - Arange Executive Hire - Hertfordshire
  8. Arnage - Arnage - Hertfordshire
  9. Arnage Executive Hire - Arnage Executive Hire - Hertfordshire
  10. B Allen Wedding Car Hire - B Allen Wedding Car Hire - Hertfordshire
  11. Bespokes Classic Car Hire Ltd - Bespokes Classic Car Hire Ltd - Hertfordshire
  12. Brisan Carriages - Brisan Carriages - Hertfordshire
  13. Classic Wedding Limousines - Classic Wedding Limousines - Hertfordshire
  14. Elegant Wheels - Elegant Wheels - Hertfordshire
  15. Fins and Chrome 50s Cadillac Hire - Fins and Chrome 50s Cadillac Hire - Hertfordshire
  16. Gently Bentley - Gently Bentley - Hertfordshire
  17. Hooters Unusual Vintage Vehicles - Hooters Unusual Vintage Vehicles - Hertfordshire
  18. Jade Executive Travel - Jade Executive Travel - Hertfordshire
  19. K C Chauffeur Services - K C Chauffeur Services - Hertfordshire
  20. Lord Cars Ltd - Lord Cars Ltd - Hertfordshire
  21. Pelham Wedding Cars - Pelham Wedding Cars - Hertfordshire
  22. S J Executive Chauffeur Car Hire - S J Executive Chauffeur Car Hire - Hertfordshire
  23. Secure Cars - Secure Cars - Hertfordshire
  24. The Marriage Carriage Company - The Marriage Carriage Company - Hertfordshire
  25. Tim Wood's Horse Drawn Weddings - Tim Wood's Horse Drawn Weddings - Hertfordshire
  26. Timebus - Timebus - Hertfordshire
  27. Top Cat Wedding Cars - Top Cat Wedding Cars - Hertfordshire
  28. Ventus Aviation - Ventus Aviation - Hertfordshire
  29. Vintage and Classic Cars - Vintage and Classic Cars - Hertfordshire
  30. Weddng Cars of Herts - Weddng Cars of Herts - Hertfordshire
  31. White Wedding Taxi's - White Wedding Taxi's - Hertfordshire
  32. Wrights Car Hire - Wrights Car Hire - Hertfordshire

Wedding Trivia:
The tradition of carrying one or more items that are "old", "new", "borrowed" and "blue" also comes from English. There is an old English rhyme describing the practice which also mentions a sixpence in the brides shoe. Something old, signifying continuity, could be a piece of lace, jewelry, or a grandmother's handkerchief. Something new, signifying optimism in the future, could be an article of clothing or the wedding rings. Something borrowed, signifying future happiness, could be handkerchief from a happily married relative or friend. Something blue, signifying modesty, fidelity and love, comes from early Jewish history. In early Biblical times, blue not white symbolized purity. Both the bride and groom usually wore a band of blue material around the bottom of their wedding attire, hence the tradition of "something blue". Originally the sixpence was presented to the bride by her future husband as a token of his love. Today, very often, it is the bride's father who places a coin in the brides shoe prior to leaving home for the church.


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