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Friday 21st October 2016  


Fife Wedding Venues

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  1. Aberdour Hotel - Wedding Venue - Aberdour Hotel Fife
  2. Arnot Tower Gardens - Wedding Venue - Arnot Tower Gardens Fife
  3. Balbirnie House - Wedding Venue - Balbirnie House Fife
  4. Best Western Keavil House Hotel - Wedding Venue - Best Western Keavil House Hotel Fife
  5. Best Western Scores Hotel - Hotel St. Andrews - Best Western Scores Hotel Fife
  6. Carnegie Conference Centre - Wedding Venue - Carnegie Conference Centre Fife
  7. Dunfermline Athletic Football Club - Wedding Venue - Dunfermline Athletic Football Club Fife
  8. Dunnikier House - Wedding Venue - Dunnikier House Fife
  9. Fernie Castle Hotel - Wedding Venue - Fernie Castle Hotel Fife
  10. Golden Acorn Wetherlodge - Hotel - Golden Acorn Wetherlodge Fife
  11. Greyfriars Hotel - Hotel - Greyfriars Hotel Fife
  12. Kilconquhar Castle Estate - Wedding Venue - Kilconquhar Castle Estate Fife
  13. Myres Castle - Wedding Venue - Myres Castle Fife
  14. Newport Hotel - Hotel - Newport Hotel Fife
  15. Old Course Hotel Golf Resort & Spa - Wedding Venue - Old Course Hotel Golf Resort & Spa Fife
  16. Pitbauchlie House Hotel - Wedding Venue - Pitbauchlie House Hotel Fife
  17. Rufflets Country House Hotel - Hotel St. Andrews - Rufflets Country House Hotel Fife
  18. Sandford Country House Hotel - Wormit Hotel - Sandford Country House Hotel Fife
  19. The Albany St Andrews - St. Andrews Hotel - The Albany St Andrews Fife
  20. The Forest Hills Hotel - Hotel - The Forest Hills Hotel Fife
  21. The Inn at Lathones - Wedding Venue - The Inn at Lathones Fife
  22. The Queensferry Hotel - Wedding Venue - The Queensferry Hotel Fife
  23. The Russell Hotel - Hotel St. Andrews - The Russell Hotel Fife
  24. The Ship Hotel - Hotel - The Ship Hotel Fife

Wedding Trivia:
Seeing an open grave, pig, or lizard on the way to the ceremony, or hearing a crow after dawn on the morning of the wedding are all thought to be omens of bad luck. Catching a glimpse of a monk or a nun is also thought to be a omen of misfortune because of their association with poverty and chastity.