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Thursday 8th December 2016  


Fife Wedding Venues

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  1. Aberdour Hotel - Wedding Venue - Aberdour Hotel Fife
  2. Arnot Tower Gardens - Wedding Venue - Arnot Tower Gardens Fife
  3. Balbirnie House - Wedding Venue - Balbirnie House Fife
  4. Best Western Keavil House Hotel - Wedding Venue - Best Western Keavil House Hotel Fife
  5. Best Western Scores Hotel - Hotel St. Andrews - Best Western Scores Hotel Fife
  6. Carnegie Conference Centre - Wedding Venue - Carnegie Conference Centre Fife
  7. Dunfermline Athletic Football Club - Wedding Venue - Dunfermline Athletic Football Club Fife
  8. Dunnikier House - Wedding Venue - Dunnikier House Fife
  9. Fernie Castle Hotel - Wedding Venue - Fernie Castle Hotel Fife
  10. Golden Acorn Wetherlodge - Hotel - Golden Acorn Wetherlodge Fife
  11. Greyfriars Hotel - Hotel - Greyfriars Hotel Fife
  12. Kilconquhar Castle Estate - Wedding Venue - Kilconquhar Castle Estate Fife
  13. Myres Castle - Wedding Venue - Myres Castle Fife
  14. Newport Hotel - Hotel - Newport Hotel Fife
  15. Old Course Hotel Golf Resort & Spa - Wedding Venue - Old Course Hotel Golf Resort & Spa Fife
  16. Pitbauchlie House Hotel - Wedding Venue - Pitbauchlie House Hotel Fife
  17. Rufflets Country House Hotel - Hotel St. Andrews - Rufflets Country House Hotel Fife
  18. Sandford Country House Hotel - Wormit Hotel - Sandford Country House Hotel Fife
  19. The Albany St Andrews - St. Andrews Hotel - The Albany St Andrews Fife
  20. The Forest Hills Hotel - Hotel - The Forest Hills Hotel Fife
  21. The Inn at Lathones - Wedding Venue - The Inn at Lathones Fife
  22. The Queensferry Hotel - Wedding Venue - The Queensferry Hotel Fife
  23. The Russell Hotel - Hotel St. Andrews - The Russell Hotel Fife
  24. The Ship Hotel - Hotel - The Ship Hotel Fife

Wedding Trivia:
This tradition originated in England during the Tudor period. At that time, guests would throw shoes at the bride and groom as they left in their carriage. It was considered good luck if their carriage was hit. Today, more often than not, it is beverage cans that are tied to a couples car instead of shoes. It should also be noted that the English consider it good luck if it rains on their wedding day!