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Spyder Pro 5Datacolor Spyder 5 Pro

Datacolor Spyder 5 Pro is the advanced colour accuracy solution for monitors, specially designed for the serious photographer to help you see, share and print pictures just as you've intended them. With this full-featured and interactive tool, you can now break free from the hassle of figuring out why the colours on your screen don’t match your prints. Spyder 5 Pro creates a unique colour profile for each of your monitors and adjusts their brightness levels based on your room lighting, so you can see the true colours of your photographs, both on screen and in print. With just minutes spent every month to calibrate your monitor, you can confidently edit your photos for spot-on print results every single time. Now you have more time to spend on this that matter to you, like capturing ad sharing memorable moments.

Our Price £120
Save: 23% off

Spyder 5 StudioDatacolor Spyder5 Studio

Capture, Edit and Print with complete control of your digital workflow and the utmost in colour accuracy.

Spyder5STUDIO ensures your photos are captured accurately, your monitor displays true-to-life colours, and your prints are perfect every time.

Datacolor Spyder5STUDIO is the ultimate colour calibration solution designed for photographers who demand the highest level of control and accuracy over their entire digital colour workflow.

Suite of tools that ensures your photos are captured accurately, your monitor displays true-to-life colours, and your prints are perfect every time – no matter what ink or paper you choose.

From start to finish, Spyder5STUDIO colour calibrates all of your monitors and ensures professional quality printing results

Our Price £320
Save: 9% off

Professional Digital Imaging for Wedding and Portrait

Build your portrait and wedding photography business and enhance your creativity with the latest digital technologies. Featuring tips and techniques from top pros in the industry, this book will show you how to select equipments, handle an increased workflow, fine-tune images in Adobe? Photoshop?, ensure high quality output, and market your images with confidence.

Our Price £7.50
Save: 66% off

Professional Digital Photography

Going beyond a basic introduction to digital equipment, this book teaches photographers how to achieve high-quality, professional results with digital equipment and the application of traditional photographic techniques. It serves as a sourcebook for professionals who are ready to complement their traditional images with digital imaging techniques. Explained are how colour balancing can be altered with a dial on a camera; how to effectively light subjects for digital capture; and how to enhance, highlight, shadow, and sharpen fuzzy images. Whether working with a Mac or PC, photographers will learn to use the tools in Photoshop to fully realize their artistic and professional potential.

Our Price £7.50
Save: 63% off

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