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the societiesThe Societies' Newsletter  - 04.07.12
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June 2012 Monthly Competition Results

The June monthly competition has been judged. To view the Golds please see: http://swpp.co.uk/image_competition-2012/Jun/winnerspg01.htm

Judges Choice Award
The Judges Choice Award for June has been announced.
The winner will receive £100 from Fujifilm and software courtesy of Nik Software. To view the winner please see: http://swpp.co.uk/image_competition-2012/June.htm

http://swpp.co.uk/comps.htm for more information.

Join The Societies and Receive a McGillicuddy Portaflex Kit

For a limited time only, if you join The Societies you can receive as your complimentary free gift one of Damian McGillicuddy's Portaflex Lighting Control Kit (valued at £58.80).

This kit is an amazing light modification for the minimum of weight.
Kit contains one rubberised velcro strap to attach the modifiers to your flash unit without damaging the unit. A bare bulb/ bounce attachment
Barn Door Adjustable snoot. All safely stowed away in an easy to transport bag.


Fashion Fusion - Contemporary Portrait Seminar

Join Damian as he tours around Europe in his Fashion Fusion - Contemporary Portrait Seminars. In September he will be up in Scotland were you will get the chance to learn a vast array of knowledge and skills.

The seminar will demonstrate:

  • How the correct modifier can make your life easier and the image you capture much stronger.

  • All the lighting patterns that catch the eye of discerning, contemporary clients.

  • That hair, accent and separation lighting gives your images the depth, dimension and polish of a true professional.

  • How to tame ratios and totally understand the inverse square law.

  • By doing it right and capturing more in camera you will rely far less on post production, thus speeding up your workflow.

  • That harnessing, manipulating and controlling light is paramount if you want to raise your image-making out from the ranks of the masses, separating it as something special.

  • Learn to turn the everyday into extraordinary locations.

  • Learn to take fashion inspired imagery with minimum kit

  • Learn to light images with maximum finesse but minimum fiddle.

More Seminars by Damian http://swpp.co.uk/seminars/McGillicuddy0031.htm

Our Line-Up of Top Speakers

Lisa Beaney - Seamus Costello - John Denton - Marko Dutka - Morag MacDonald - Damian McGillicuddy -
Gordon McGowan - Ramon Sammut - Kevin Mullins - Bjorn Thomassen - Dave Wall - Phil Jones - Tom Lee

More News - swpp.co.uk/professional_imagemaker/latest.htm

Studio Lighting Unplugged - Only 3 Remain in Stock £24.99 Now £13.00 Save: 48% off

This lighting manual shows that successful studio photography does not require a warehouse-sized space brimming with expensive lights, Hollywood-style facades, and a half-dozen assistants making the client lattes.



With 188 days to go until the Societies 2013 Convention at the Hilton London Metropole Hotel. Now would be the best time to book your tickets and split the payments of over £150 over 6 monthly instalments.

Remember to use the hashtag #Societies2013 when mentioning the Convention on Twitter.

The Societies - 6 Bath St., Rhyl LL18 3EB - Tel 0044 1745 356935