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11th August 2022 GMT

Egerton House

Knightsbridge - Hotel
Egerton House
17-19 Egerton Terrace

tel:- +44 845 080 5104
web address:-

Egerton House :-
History of Knightsbridge;

Anciently called Kingesbridge and Knyghtbrigg. Knightsbridge derives the second part of its name from a bridge which formerly spanned the Westbourne at the spot where now stands the Albert Gate of Hyde Park. In these days the stream is little more than the surplus water of the Serpentine, which is carried off by a culvert under the high road but early in the century, when it overflowed its banks, it was capable of converting the whole neighbourhood into a lake, and for some days foot-passengers had to be rowed from place to place by Thames boatmen.

History of Egerton Terrace;

Like the other "Egerton" streets, Egerton Terrace was named after the Honourable Lord Francis Egerton, son of the first Earl of Ellesmere, in 1896. The actual houses in the Terrace were build by the Smith's Charity trustees, around 1843. The earliest occupants of Egerton Terrace included members of the aristocracy such as members of the Cadogan family, a son of the ninth Earl of Galloway, the fourth Earl of Kenmare and the second Baron Romilly.

Apsley House, Hyde Park Corner; Apsley House, home of the first Duke of Wellington and his descendants, stands right in the heart of London at Hyde Park Corner. For over 200 years, this great metropolitan mansion has been known colloquially as 'Number 1 London', because it was the first house encountered after passing the tollgates at the top of Knightsbridge.

Brompton Oratory; This famous Roman Catholic church was built between 1880 and 1884. It is the church of a community of priests called "The Congregation of the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri" or Oratorians.  Popularly but incorrectly known as 'Brompton Oratory' it is the second largest Catholic church in London, with a nave exceeding in width even that of St Paul's Cathedral.

Carlyle's House in Cheyne Row; the home of the famous 19th century historian Thomas Carlyle, is not just a building reflecting the life of some historian from the dim and distant past. It reflects a way of living in Victorian times, especially among Britain's leading literary luminaries and her artists and historians. Carlyle's House is a fascinating place to visit for lovers of history and literature, and for people who are interested in the Victorian era. Just to whet your appetite, Carlyle was a very dour Scotsman who kept his house in prim and proper order. His hat is still hanging in the front hall, there are drawers with his clothes in, sofas you are encouraged to lie on, and his grimly austere study is upstairs on the second floor.

Oscar Wilde's House in Tite Street, Chelsea; The great comic dramatist of fin-de-siecle London lived in this house in the fashionable Chelsea district from his marriage in 1884 to Constance Lloyd until his disastrous trial in 1895 and subsequent imprisonment in Redding Gaol.

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