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Cleveland - Photographic Equipment

SubSpeci Photography kit supplier

Brightscreen operates and performs all services in a totally dust free environment, constantly filtering all air particles with state of the art HEPA, UV and dehumidifying technologies. A standby, on-demand generator is also utilized in conjunction with several auxiliary battery powered backup stations with numerous power surge protectors to insure all cameras are properly powered during technical repairs, tests, installation and sensor cleaning procedures.

Safe and Secure your cameras and accessories in for service are always safe and secure with us with our 24/7/365 security surveillance constantly being video monitored and recorded and also totally insured while in our possession. Our shipping, handling and insurance fees also always insures adequate replacement value for damage or loss should it ever occur in transit back to you.

Twenty six years of quality service, production, research, development, and refinement of products is now being celebrated by Brightscreen . We take utmost pride in continuing to offer the world's finest and largest variety of enhanced camera focusing screens available in thousands of combinations for digital, 35mm, 120 format, long roll, and view cameras.

Brightscreen is our registered trademark and company name. "Brightscreens" are original camera factory focusing screens which are enhanced with our optical light transmission processes. When using our screens, the actual viewing image is improved. As a result, focusing is much easier and allows you to work with increased speed, and less eye strain, enabling you to produce better and more accurate results.

Proscreens are custom made screens which are produced by Brightscreen . These screens are only produced for specific cameras and are used to substitute the factory screens. They are used when it is better or necessary, to provide a more beneficial and/or more desirable optically designed screen than the camera maker has supplied. Several stock Proscreens are available and custom Proscreens can often be produced.

Optional patterns for composition and crop lines are high-precision copyrighted and patent pending design markings which can be added or molded into selected screens, thus providing various masks and format proportions for compositions and Crop Lines. "Croplines" or "Crop Lines" applied to camera focusing screens were invented by Brightscreen . Beware of inaccurate, crude, and copied imitations which can void camera manufacturers warranties and also cause out of focus images.

Accurfocus magnifiers first became available for many cameras in January 1994. These devices can be easily attached to camera eye level prisms for critical focusing. The central image area is magnified approximately 350% in our current D5 model. The current model also has a locking adjustable diopter range of approximately + - 4 and with a universal design, it can be used on different cameras. The high magnification makes critical focusing extremely accurate and easy to achieve.

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