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26th August 2019 GMT


Wicker By Design

Wicker By Design
2705 Newquay Street
North Carolina
NC 27705

tel:- +1 800 731 6666



Studio props

Studio portait photography props from Wicker By Design bring elegance and timeless beauty to portraits. You can browse our Photography Prop Catalog complete with examples of our props being used by some of the finest portrait photographers in the world. Our studio photography props can complement any canvas or muslin background, with color options that can be used in a high key, mid key or low key portraiture.

Wicker By Design offers enduring designs in wicker, metal, willow and wood. We offer photography props, supplies and accessories for studio photography, school photography, day-care photography, senior photography and pet photography.

The majority of the wicker, wood, willow and metal portrait studio props we sell are exclusive designs. The distinction of owning and using photo props that were originally commissioned as special requests helps to differentiate you from your competition. These are not the ordinary, mass-produced pieces you typically find throughout the Internet.

In addition, all photography props from Wicker By Design are reinforced with structural features of particular interest to professional photographers. For example, our Christening Bench has a cutout front allowing you to frame the subject. Our Turkish Chair line of portrait studio props is reinforced with a steel frame providing substantial support when subjects sit or lie on the arms.

You are making a wise investment in finely crafted photography props built with superior style and quality in mind. These features benefit you by reducing your long-term costs and increasing your per session sales

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