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21st July 2019 GMT


Lensbabies LLC

Lensbabies LLC
516 SE Morrison Street
Suite M4
OR 97214

tel:- +1 503 516 5569
fax:- +1 503 234 6040
web address:- www.lensbabies.com/
e-mail:- sam@lensbabies.com


Photographic Accessories

SubSpeci Lens accessory

Selective Focus SLR lenses Postal address... - 516 SE Morrison Suite #M4 Portland, OR 97206 Goods reason..... - Lensbabies are selective focus SLR camera lenses. Lensbabies bring one area of the photo into sharp focus, with that "sweet spot" surrounded by a graduated blur. The "sweet spot" can be moved to any part of the photo by bending the flexible lens tubing. Lensbabies open up doors to creativity by letting photgraphers see in a new way -- as they shoot!

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