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5th April 2020 GMT


Alap Capaul & Weber Limited

Alap Capaul & Weber Limited
Neptunstrasse 96
PO Box 1858


tel:- +41 383 92 22
fax:- +41 382 01 80
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Zurich - Photographic Equipment

SubSpeci Reseller Camera Reseller

ALPA 12 means four camera models, each optimized for a specific task and all designed and manufactured to meet the same extremely high demands. As simple as possible, as well-made as possible.

This means a broad range of top lenses, interchangeable within seconds and each precisely calibrated on a collimator.

This means dozens of digital and roll-film backs that can be exchanged just as quickly, all fully compatible, all fitting seamlessly to all ALPA 12 models.

In addition, there is a continuously expanding range of accessories.

Precision and Optical QualityExperts and connoisseurs have always realized the decisive importance of mechanical precision and optical quality in camera construction and design. Latest developments in the field have reinforced these values - each ALPA 12 can be used digitally as well as analog.

Digital backs of the newest generation more than ever before require minimal tolerances and maximum optical performance if their potential is to be fully utilized. Digital sensors are absolutely flat and do of course not produce film flatness problems. Instead the slightest mechanical unevenness will show up immediately and mercilessly. It is here that the ALPA concept is confirmed most clearly - uncompromising precision and only the best and optimally adjusted lenses - for digital as well as for analog use.

That the ALPA cameras also look good and have won many design prizes confirms the old saying that "telling beauty comes from within".

Handling and RobustnessWhoever requires the technical quality of a top level digital back or of a full-grown roll-film format but needs to travel light and to work expeditiously, will find the ALPA 12 TC, the ALPA 12 WA and the ALPA 12 SWA custom made. The TC's, WA's and SWA's weight is not so light as to cause problems with vibration but light enough to be easily within regulations on hand luggage. Ergonomically designed grips together with a silken-smooth shutter release also contribute to perfect results - even when shooting hand-held.

Designed to be used in general on a tripod, the ALPA 12 XY expands the possibilities to vertical and horizontal shift simultaneously and to digital stitching of hitherto quite unknown precision.

Why do we stress the consistent design of all ALPA 12 products, aiming for the greatest possible simplicity of construction? We think that there is a connection between limitation to essentials and the reliability of a camera. The British Journal of Photography, London, in a test report has published the following remarks -

"... The camera's feel is almost impossible to explain to anyone who has not handled it - the ALPA simply exudes quality. To say that it is just another wide-angle camera is to call a Spitfire just another aeroplane. Everything about it is as well made as it can possibly be, but there is more than that - it is touched by magic ..."

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