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18th September 2019 GMT

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Universal Electronics Industries Limited

Universal Electronics Industries Limited
2 - F Wing on Cheong Bldg
5 Wing Lok Street
Central Hong Kong

Hong Kong

tel:- +852 2543 0929
web address:- www.tokina.com.hk/
e-mail:- info@tokina.com.hk


Photographic accessories

Manufacturing activities of the group are mainly undertaken by another member company, Universal Electronics Industries, Ltd., which was established in the year 1969. The company specialized in the manufacture of flash lights and cameras. Its original manufacturing base was in Hong Kong. With the opening up of mainland China to the world, Universal Electronics moved in 1980 its operations to Shenzhen, one of the special economic zones in China right next to Hong Kong. Due to the need to further expand its production capacity, Universal Electronics set out to move further north to the city of Dongguan in the mid-nineties. The Company bought its own land and erected four factory buildings this time. The total manufacturing floor space is approximately 21,400 square meters. Dormitories complete with recreational facilities and all necessary amenities for workers are also provided on the same site. The move was completed in early 1997.

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