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Getting Married - Wedding Venue London England

LondonGetting Married - Wedding Venue

Wednesday 18th January 2017  

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Absolute Pleasure Yacht

Canary Wharf Wedding Venue
Absolute Pleasure Yacht
South Quay
Canary Wharf
E14 9SH

tel:- +44 191 2328343
web address:- www.absolutepleasureyacht.com/
e-mail:- info@absolutepleasureyacht.com

Absolute Pleasure Yacht :-
What better way to celebrate your day than cruising the Thames and taking in the lights and sights of London.

Wedding Trivia:
From the earliest times, brides have adorned their hair with flowers and carried bunches of flowers. Traditionally, each type of flower had a special meaning and significance in and of itself. Flowers were often thrown at the couple after the ceremony. However today, most brides pick their flowers for color and personal appeal not based on the traditional meaning of particular flowers.

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