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Isle of WightSWPP Wedding Venues

Monday 5th December 2016  


Isle of Wight Wedding Venues

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Isle of Wight

  1. Appuldurcombe House - Wedding Venue - Appuldurcombe House Isle of Wight
  2. Barton Manor - Wedding Venue - Barton Manor Isle of Wight
  3. Belmont Hotel - Hotel - Belmont Hotel Isle of Wight
  4. Bembridge Sailing Club - Wedding Venue - Bembridge Sailing Club Isle of Wight
  5. Bourne Hall Country House - Wedding Venue - Bourne Hall Country House Isle of Wight
  6. Burlington Hotel - Hotel - Burlington Hotel Isle of Wight
  7. Cowes Yacht Haven - Wedding Venue - Cowes Yacht Haven Isle of Wight
  8. East Dene - Wedding Venue - East Dene Isle of Wight
  9. Eversley Hotel - Hotel - Eversley Hotel Isle of Wight
  10. Farringford Hotel - Wedding Venue - Farringford Hotel Isle of Wight
  11. Fountain Inn - Wedding Venue - Fountain Inn Isle of Wight
  12. Freshwater Bay House - Wedding Venue - Freshwater Bay House Isle of Wight
  13. Harbour View Hotel - Hotel - Harbour View Hotel Isle of Wight
  14. Haseley Manor - Wedding Venue - Haseley Manor Isle of Wight
  15. Hillside - Wedding Venue - Hillside Isle of Wight
  16. Lake Hotel - Hotel - Lake Hotel Isle of Wight
  17. Lakeside Park Hotel - Ryde Wedding Venue - Lakeside Park Hotel Isle of Wight
  18. Landguard Manor - Wedding Venue - Landguard Manor Isle of Wight
  19. Lisle Combe - Wedding Venue - Lisle Combe Isle of Wight
  20. Llynfi Hotel - Hotel - Llynfi Hotel Isle of Wight
  21. Luccombe Hall Country House - Hotel - Luccombe Hall Country House Isle of Wight
  22. Morton Manor - Wedding Venue - Morton Manor Isle of Wight
  23. New Holmwood Hotel - Wedding Venue - New Holmwood Hotel Isle of Wight
  24. Newport Quay Hotel - Hotel - Newport Quay Hotel Isle of Wight
  25. Northwood House - Wedding Venue - Northwood House Isle of Wight
  26. Old Park Hotel - Hotel - Old Park Hotel Isle of Wight
  27. Osborne House & Gardens - Civil Wedding Venue - Osborne House & Gardens Isle of Wight
  28. Priory Bay Hotel - Seaview - Wedding Venue - Priory Bay Hotel - Seaview Isle of Wight
  29. Puckpool Tea Gardens - Wedding Venue - Puckpool Tea Gardens Isle of Wight
  30. Quay Arts - Wedding Venue - Quay Arts Isle of Wight
  31. Rookley Country Park - Wedding Venue - Rookley Country Park Isle of Wight
  32. Ryde Castle Hotel - Hotel - Ryde Castle Hotel Isle of Wight
  33. Sir Max Aitken Museum - Wedding Venue - Sir Max Aitken Museum Isle of Wight
  34. The Albert Cottage Hotel - Wedding Venue - The Albert Cottage Hotel Isle of Wight
  35. The Apple Farm - Wedding Venue - The Apple Farm Isle of Wight
  36. The Bargeman's Rest - Wedding Venue - The Bargeman's Rest Isle of Wight
  37. The Enchanted Manor - Wedding Venue - The Enchanted Manor Isle of Wight
  38. The Hambrough - Ventnor Hotel - The Hambrough Isle of Wight
  39. The Hermitage - Wedding Venue - The Hermitage Isle of Wight
  40. The Leconfield - Ventnor Hotel - The Leconfield Isle of Wight
  41. The Lodge - Wedding Venue - The Lodge Isle of Wight
  42. The Parkbury Hotel - Wedding Venue - The Parkbury Hotel Isle of Wight
  43. The Ponda Rosa - Wedding Venue - The Ponda Rosa Isle of Wight
  44. The Regency Suite - Wedding Venue - The Regency Suite Isle of Wight
  45. The Register Office - Cowes - Civil Wedding Venue - The Register Office - Cowes Isle of Wight
  46. The Royal Hotel - Hotel - The Royal Hotel Isle of Wight
  47. The Wellington Hotel - Hotel - The Wellington Hotel Isle of Wight
  48. The Yelf's Hotel - Wedding Venue - The Yelf's Hotel Isle of Wight
  49. Ventnor Towers Hotel - Wedding Venue - Ventnor Towers Hotel Isle of Wight
  50. Weston Manor - Wedding Venue - Weston Manor Isle of Wight
  51. Wight Montrene Hotel - Wedding Venue - Wight Montrene Hotel Isle of Wight
  52. Winchester House - Wedding Venue - Winchester House Isle of Wight
  53. Windsor Carlton - Hotel - Windsor Carlton Isle of Wight

Wedding Trivia:
Rings were used as currency in the Middle East prior to the advent of coinage and were a sign of a persons wealth. In ancient times the wedding ring was thought to protected the bride from "evil spirits". Ancient Roman wedding rings were made of iron. In early Rome a gold band came to symbolize everlasting love and commitment in marriage. Roman wedding rings were carved with two clasped hands. Very early rings had a carved key through which a woman was thought to be able to open her husband's heart.