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 Getting Married - Wedding Venues Isle of Wight

Isle of WightSWPP BPPA Wedding Venues

Thursday 23rd October 2014  


Isle of Wight Wedding Venues

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Isle of Wight

  1. Belmont Hotel - Hotel - Belmont Hotel - Isle of Wight
  2. Bourne Hall Country House - Wedding Venue - Bourne Hall Country House - Isle of Wight
  3. Burlington Hotel - Hotel - Burlington Hotel - Isle of Wight
  4. Eversley Hotel - Hotel - Eversley Hotel - Isle of Wight
  5. Farringford Hotel - Wedding Venue - Farringford Hotel - Isle of Wight
  6. Fountain Inn - Wedding Venue - Fountain Inn - Isle of Wight
  7. Harbour View Hotel - Hotel - Harbour View Hotel - Isle of Wight
  8. Lake Hotel - Hotel - Lake Hotel - Isle of Wight
  9. Lakeside Park Hotel - Ryde Wedding Venue - Lakeside Park Hotel - Isle of Wight
  10. Llynfi Hotel - Hotel - Llynfi Hotel - Isle of Wight
  11. Luccombe Hall Country House - Hotel - Luccombe Hall Country House - Isle of Wight
  12. Newport Quay Hotel - Hotel - Newport Quay Hotel - Isle of Wight
  13. Northwood House - Wedding Venue - Northwood House - Isle of Wight
  14. Old Park Hotel - Hotel - Old Park Hotel - Isle of Wight
  15. Osborne House & Gardens - - Osborne House & Gardens - Isle of Wight
  16. Ryde Castle Hotel - Hotel - Ryde Castle Hotel - Isle of Wight
  17. The Hambrough - Ventnor Hotel - The Hambrough - Isle of Wight
  18. The Leconfield - Ventnor Hotel - The Leconfield - Isle of Wight
  19. The Register Office - Weddings - The Register Office - Isle of Wight
  20. The Royal Hotel - Hotel - The Royal Hotel - Isle of Wight
  21. The Wellington Hotel - Hotel - The Wellington Hotel - Isle of Wight
  22. Windsor Carlton - Hotel - Windsor Carlton - Isle of Wight

Wedding Trivia:
Until relatively recently, brides were considered the property of their father. Their futures and husbands were arranged without their consent. The marriage of an unattractive woman was often arranged with a prospective groom from another town without either of them having ever seen their prospective spouse. In more than one instance, when the groom saw his future wife, usually dressed in white, for the first time on the day of the wedding, he changed his mind and left the bride at the altar. To prevent this from happening, it became "bad luck" for the groom to see the bride on the day of the wedding prior to the ceremony.


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