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RutlandSWPP Wedding Venues

Wednesday 28th September 2016  


Rutland Wedding Venues

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  1. Barnsdale Hall Hotel - Wedding Venue Barnsdale - Barnsdale Hall Hotel Rutland
  2. Barnsdale Lodge Hotel - Wedding Venue - Barnsdale Lodge Hotel Rutland
  3. Brook Whipper - In Hotel - Wedding Venue - Brook Whipper - In Hotel Rutland
  4. Catmose Cottage - Oakham - Wedding Venue - Catmose Cottage - Oakham Rutland
  5. Exton Park - Country estate - Exton Park Rutland
  6. Garden Hotel - Oakham - Oakham Hotel - Garden Hotel - Oakham Rutland
  7. Greetham Valley Golf Club - Wedding Venue - Greetham Valley Golf Club Rutland
  8. Hambleton Hall - Wedding Venue Oakham - Hambleton Hall Rutland
  9. Ladywood - Wedding Venue - Ladywood Rutland
  10. Lake Isle Hotel & Restaurant - Uppingham Hotel - Lake Isle Hotel & Restaurant Rutland
  11. Normanton Church Museum - Wedding Venue - Normanton Church Museum Rutland
  12. Normanton Park Hotel - Civil Wedding Venue - Normanton Park Hotel Rutland
  13. Oakham Castle - Civil Wedding Venue - Oakham Castle Rutland
  14. The Falcon Hotel - Civil Wedding Venue - The Falcon Hotel Rutland
  15. The Register Office - Oakham - Civil Wedding Venue - The Register Office - Oakham Rutland

Wedding Trivia:
Wedding dresses can make a major dent in your budget, but however much you spend it will be nothing compared to the outfit created by French designer Helene Gainville. Estimated to be worth a cool £3.5 million, the dress is embroidered with diamonds mounted on platinum. Not the sort of thing you would want to put in the attic after the wedding day.