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RutlandSWPP Wedding Venues

Friday 21st October 2016  


Rutland Wedding Venues

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  1. Barnsdale Hall Hotel - Wedding Venue Barnsdale - Barnsdale Hall Hotel Rutland
  2. Barnsdale Lodge Hotel - Wedding Venue - Barnsdale Lodge Hotel Rutland
  3. Brook Whipper - In Hotel - Wedding Venue - Brook Whipper - In Hotel Rutland
  4. Catmose Cottage - Oakham - Wedding Venue - Catmose Cottage - Oakham Rutland
  5. Exton Park - Country estate - Exton Park Rutland
  6. Garden Hotel - Oakham - Oakham Hotel - Garden Hotel - Oakham Rutland
  7. Greetham Valley Golf Club - Wedding Venue - Greetham Valley Golf Club Rutland
  8. Hambleton Hall - Wedding Venue Oakham - Hambleton Hall Rutland
  9. Ladywood - Wedding Venue - Ladywood Rutland
  10. Lake Isle Hotel & Restaurant - Uppingham Hotel - Lake Isle Hotel & Restaurant Rutland
  11. Normanton Church Museum - Wedding Venue - Normanton Church Museum Rutland
  12. Normanton Park Hotel - Civil Wedding Venue - Normanton Park Hotel Rutland
  13. Oakham Castle - Civil Wedding Venue - Oakham Castle Rutland
  14. The Falcon Hotel - Civil Wedding Venue - The Falcon Hotel Rutland
  15. The Register Office - Oakham - Civil Wedding Venue - The Register Office - Oakham Rutland

Wedding Trivia:
Traditionally, the bride had to enter her new home the first time through the front door. If she tripped or stumbled while entering it was considered to be very bad luck. Hence the tradition of the groom carrying the bride over the threshold.