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 Getting Married - Wedding Venues Rutland

RutlandSWPP BPPA Wedding Venues

Thursday 24th April 2014  


Rutland Wedding Venues

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  1. Barnsdale Hall Hotel - Wedding Venue Barnsdale - Barnsdale Hall Hotel - Rutland
  2. Barnsdale Lodge Hotel - Wedding Venue - Barnsdale Lodge Hotel - Rutland
  3. Brook Whipper-In Hotel - Wedding Venue - Brook Whipper-In Hotel - Rutland
  4. Exton Park - - Exton Park - Rutland
  5. Garden Hotel - Oakham Hotel - Garden Hotel - Rutland
  6. Hambleton Hall - Wedding Venue Oakham - Hambleton Hall - Rutland
  7. Lake Isle Hotel & Restaurant - Uppingham Hotel - Lake Isle Hotel & Restaurant - Rutland
  8. Normanton Park Hotel - - Normanton Park Hotel - Rutland
  9. Oakham Castle - - Oakham Castle - Rutland
  10. The Falcon Hotel - - The Falcon Hotel - Rutland
  11. The Register Office - Weddings - The Register Office - Rutland

Wedding Trivia:
T he kiss dates back to the earliest days of civilization in the Middle East. A kiss was used as the formal seal to agreements, contracts, etc. In Ancient Rome a kiss was still being used as the legal bold to seal contracts. Hence the obvious use of the custom at the end of the wedding ceremony to "seal" the marriage vows. It also originates from the earliest times when the couple would actually make love for the first time under the eyes of half the village!


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