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AlmeriaSWPP Wedding Venues

Friday 19th October 2018  


Almeria Wedding Venues

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  1. Arena Center Roquetas de Mar - Hotel - Arena Center Roquetas de Mar Almeria
  2. Citymar Aptos Mar y Golf - Hotel - Citymar Aptos Mar y Golf Almeria
  3. Citymar Bellavista - Hotel - Citymar Bellavista Almeria
  4. Don Angel - Hotel - Don Angel Almeria
  5. Evenia Zoraida Garden - Hotel - Evenia Zoraida Garden Almeria
  6. Evenia Zoraida Park - Hotel - Evenia Zoraida Park Almeria
  7. Hesperia Sabinal - Hotel - Hesperia Sabinal Almeria
  8. Hotel Continental - Hotel - Hotel Continental Almeria
  9. Hotel El Puntazo - Hotel - Hotel El Puntazo Almeria
  10. Hotel Mojacar Playa - Hotel - Hotel Mojacar Playa Almeria
  11. Hotel Neptuno - Hotel - Hotel Neptuno Almeria
  12. Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa - Hotel - Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa Almeria
  13. Hotel Virgen Del Mar - Hotel - Hotel Virgen Del Mar Almeria
  14. Playacapricho Hotel - Hotel - Playacapricho Hotel Almeria
  15. Playasol Spa Hotel - Hotel - Playasol Spa Hotel Almeria
  16. Playazul Hotel - Hotel - Playazul Hotel Almeria
  17. Punta del Cantal Hotel Suites - Hotel - Punta del Cantal Hotel Suites Almeria
  18. Valle Del Este Golf Resort - Hotel - Valle Del Este Golf Resort Almeria
  19. Vera Playa Club Hotel - Hotel Vera - Vera Playa Club Hotel Almeria
  20. Zimbali Playa Spa Hotel - Hotel - Zimbali Playa Spa Hotel Almeria

Wedding Trivia:
In Sparta, during the height of Greek civilization, soldiers were the first to hold stag parties. The groom would have a party for his friends the night before he was to marry. He would bid farewell to his bachelorhood and pledge his continued allegiance to his comrades.