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Ascoli PicenoSWPP Wedding Venues

Tuesday 13th November 2018  


Ascoli Piceno Wedding Venues

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Ascoli Piceno

  1. Albergo Hotel Eurotel - Hotel - Albergo Hotel Eurotel Ascoli Piceno
  2. Hotel Ambassador Grottammare - Hotel - Hotel Ambassador Grottammare Ascoli Piceno
  3. Hotel La Perla Preziosa - Hotel - Hotel La Perla Preziosa Ascoli Piceno
  4. Hotel Paradiso - Hotel - Hotel Paradiso Ascoli Piceno
  5. Hotel Parco dei Principi - Hotel - Hotel Parco dei Principi Ascoli Piceno
  6. Hotel Prater Grottammare - Hotel - Hotel Prater Grottammare Ascoli Piceno
  7. Hotel Roma - Hotel - Hotel Roma Ascoli Piceno

Wedding Trivia:
Seeing an open grave, pig, or lizard on the way to the ceremony, or hearing a crow after dawn on the morning of the wedding are all thought to be omens of bad luck. Catching a glimpse of a monk or a nun is also thought to be a omen of misfortune because of their association with poverty and chastity.