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County MayoSWPP Wedding Venues

Monday 23rd January 2017  


County Mayo Wedding Venues

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County Mayo

  1. Ashford Castle - Wedding Venue - Ashford Castle County Mayo
  2. Atlantic Coast Hotel & Leisure Centre - Wedding Venue - Atlantic Coast Hotel & Leisure Centre County Mayo
  3. Belleek Castle - Wedding Venue - Belleek Castle County Mayo
  4. Breaffy House Resort - Civil Wedding Venue - Castlebar - Breaffy House Resort County Mayo
  5. Castlecourt Hotel Conference & Leisure Ctr - Wedding Venue - Castlecourt Hotel Conference & Leisure Ctr County Mayo
  6. Downhill House Hotel - Civil Wedding Venue - Downhill House Hotel County Mayo
  7. Knockranny House Hotel & Spa - Wedding Venue - Knockranny House Hotel & Spa County Mayo
  8. Lisloughrey Lodge - Wedding Venue - Lisloughrey Lodge County Mayo
  9. Pontoon Bridge Hotel - Wedding Venue - Pontoon Bridge Hotel County Mayo
  10. The Ice House - Ballina Wedding Venue - The Ice House County Mayo
  11. The McWilliam Park Hotel - Wedding Venue - The McWilliam Park Hotel County Mayo
  12. The Wyatt Hotel - Wedding Venue - The Wyatt Hotel County Mayo
  13. Westport House & Country Park - Wedding Venue - Westport House & Country Park County Mayo
  14. Westport Plaza Hotel - Wedding Venue - Westport Plaza Hotel County Mayo

Wedding Trivia:
From the earliest times, brides have adorned their hair with flowers and carried bunches of flowers. Traditionally, each type of flower had a special meaning and significance in and of itself. Flowers were often thrown at the couple after the ceremony. However today, most brides pick their flowers for color and personal appeal not based on the traditional meaning of particular flowers.