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Getting Married - Wedding Venues County Mayo

County MayoSWPP Wedding Venues

Saturday 3rd December 2016  


County Mayo Wedding Venues

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County Mayo

  1. Ashford Castle - Wedding Venue - Ashford Castle County Mayo
  2. Atlantic Coast Hotel & Leisure Centre - Wedding Venue - Atlantic Coast Hotel & Leisure Centre County Mayo
  3. Belleek Castle - Wedding Venue - Belleek Castle County Mayo
  4. Breaffy House Resort - Civil Wedding Venue - Castlebar - Breaffy House Resort County Mayo
  5. Castlecourt Hotel Conference & Leisure Ctr - Wedding Venue - Castlecourt Hotel Conference & Leisure Ctr County Mayo
  6. Downhill House Hotel - Civil Wedding Venue - Downhill House Hotel County Mayo
  7. Knockranny House Hotel & Spa - Wedding Venue - Knockranny House Hotel & Spa County Mayo
  8. Lisloughrey Lodge - Wedding Venue - Lisloughrey Lodge County Mayo
  9. Pontoon Bridge Hotel - Wedding Venue - Pontoon Bridge Hotel County Mayo
  10. The Ice House - Ballina Wedding Venue - The Ice House County Mayo
  11. The McWilliam Park Hotel - Wedding Venue - The McWilliam Park Hotel County Mayo
  12. The Wyatt Hotel - Wedding Venue - The Wyatt Hotel County Mayo
  13. Westport House & Country Park - Wedding Venue - Westport House & Country Park County Mayo
  14. Westport Plaza Hotel - Wedding Venue - Westport Plaza Hotel County Mayo

Wedding Trivia:
Snake rings dotted with ruby eyes were popular wedding bands in Victorian England - the coils winding into a circle symbolized eternity.