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 Getting Married - Wedding Venues County Westmeath

County WestmeathSWPP BPPA Wedding Venues

Wednesday 29th June 2016  


County Westmeath Wedding Venues

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County Westmeath

  1. Bloomfield House Hotel - Wedding Venue - Bloomfield House Hotel - County Westmeath
  2. Glasson Country House Hotel & Golf Club - - Glasson Country House Hotel & Golf Club - County Westmeath
  3. Middleton Park House - Geoghegan Wedding Venue - Middleton Park House - County Westmeath
  4. Mount Druid - - Mount Druid - County Westmeath
  5. Mullingar Park Hotel - - Mullingar Park Hotel - County Westmeath
  6. Portlick Castle - Wedding Venue - Portlick Castle - County Westmeath
  7. Shamrock Lodge Country Hotel & Conference Centre - Wedding Venue - Shamrock Lodge Country Hotel & Conference Centre - County Westmeath
  8. Sheraton Athlone Hotel - - Sheraton Athlone Hotel - County Westmeath
  9. Temple Country Retreat & Spa - Horseleap Moate Hotel - Temple Country Retreat & Spa - County Westmeath
  10. Wineport Lodge - Wedding Venue - Wineport Lodge - County Westmeath

Wedding Trivia:
This tradition originated in England during the Tudor period. At that time, guests would throw shoes at the bride and groom as they left in their carriage. It was considered good luck if their carriage was hit. Today, more often than not, it is beverage cans that are tied to a couples car instead of shoes. It should also be noted that the English consider it good luck if it rains on their wedding day!


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