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Wednesday 16th January 2019  


Kalundborg Wedding Venues

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  1. Hotel Ole Lunds Gaard - Hotel - Hotel Ole Lunds Gaard Kalundborg
  2. Zleep Hotel Kalundborg - 3-star hotel - Zleep Hotel Kalundborg Kalundborg

Wedding Trivia:
Brightly colored veils were worn in ancient times in many parts of the world and were considered a protection against evil spirits Greek and Roman brides for yellow or red veils (representing fire) to ward off evil spirits and demons. At one time, Roman brides were completely covered with a red veil for protection. In early European history, with the advent of arranged marriages veils served another purpose - to prevent the groom from seeing the brides' face till after the ceremony was over. Brides began to wear opaque yellow veils. Not only could the groom not see in, the bride could not see out! Therefore, the father of the bride had to escort her down the aisle and literally give the bride to the groom. Nellie Custis, the daughter of Martha Washington, is credited with wearing the first lace veil.