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MalaySWPP Wedding Venues

Saturday 15th December 2018  


Malay Wedding Venues

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  1. Boracay Sandcastles Beach Resort Hotel - Hotel - Boracay Sandcastles Beach Resort Hotel Malay
  2. Erus Boracay Hotel - Hotel - Erus Boracay Hotel Malay
  3. Hey Jude Resort Hotel - Hotel - Hey Jude Resort Hotel Malay
  4. Jonys Beach Resort Hotel - Hotel - Jonys Beach Resort Hotel Malay
  5. Mulligan Golf Hotel - Hotel - Mulligan Golf Hotel Malay
  6. Villa Sunset Boracay Hotel - Hotel - Villa Sunset Boracay Hotel Malay

Wedding Trivia:
The term originates from the sixteenth century. At that time a small piece of bread would be placed in a goblet of wine. The goblet would be passed from guest to guest until it reached the person being honored who would drain the goblet and eat the morsel of bread in the bottom. This tradition is practiced at weddings today - usually in the form of one or more champagne "toasts". The best man has the honor of giving the first toast. Usually the bride and groom remain seated for the toasts while all the guests are usually standing to honor them. The couple may then make a few remarks thanking their families, wedding party members, and guests. They may also "toast" each other or share a "toast" together. Often special glass or silver goblets are used by the bride and groom.