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16th July 2024 GMT





tel:- +33 975 187 275
web address:- www.zeinberg.com/
e-mail:- contact@zeinberg.com



Photographic Printing

ZEINBERG Gmbh is a German company based in Munich with several photographic laboratories located throughout the world.For the frames, we produce our non-digital prints via Fuji Frontier printers. This high quality digital minilab is particularly suitable for professional work, books, portraits, and Black & White. The whites are purer and brighter, the highlights are sharper, the colours are much more pure and long lasting. We conduct the visualization of our mounts using a ZBE Chromira and develop them with the aid of a Colenta developer with reverse osmosis circuit. The Chromira produces high quality chromogenic prints, cutting-edge colorimetric treatment in order to ensure the highest quality possible for the prints. We put all of our top technology, craft, and knowledge in service to the quality of your photographs.

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