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28th July 2021 GMT



PO Box 603
New York
NY 10530

tel:- +1 914 682 3144
fax:- +1 914 428 4323
web address:-



Software - Photographic

binuscan (http -// develops and markets software designed for high-end image processing and retouching and workflow management for pre-press and press professionals.

The company's origin can be traced to 1989 when a professional printer with 20 years of experience in print-reproduction, Jean-Marie Binucci, driven by his dissatisfaction with desktop scanning and separation solutions, sought a way to produce high quality color separations on the desktop. His experience led him to realize that most digitized images could not produce acceptable prints if special processing was not applied. Applying his traditional know-how, he put together a team of software engineers and created ReCo (REbuilding COlors) Technology.

Established in 1992, binuscan marketed products that revolved around the ReCo Technology. Originally, binuscan products were created to address the shortcomings of desktop scanners and existing color solutions. Many productivity tools were added, based upon the requirements of professionals. Later, OSBLC technology was developed to meet the growing needs of single-shot digital cameras, producing a wide range of image enhancement tools which focus on streamlining productivity and improving quality.

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