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17th June 2021 GMT


DXO Labs

DXO Labs
3 Rue Nationale


tel:- +33 155 205 599
fax:- +33 155 205 598
web address:- www.dxo.com/
e-mail:- pressrelations@dxo.com



Photo digital software

SubSpeci Photographic Printing services

Automatic image quality enhancement for DSLR, digital SLR, digital cameras. JPEG, RAW format

DxO FilmPack gives digital images the style of the most celebrated conventional films - the colors - and the grain! - of over 20 film types including Kodachrome, Tri-X, Velvia have been analysed and reproduced so they can be applied to all your images with just one click. DxO FilmPack digitally simulates the vibrant colors of Kodachrome 64, the soft grain of Tri-X, or the gentle fleshtones of Astia.

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