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12th May 2021 GMT


Gifts Personalizados S.L.

Gifts Personalizados S.L.
Santa Eulalia
37 Parc Industrial-Palleja 1 Nave 5


tel:- +34 936 633 718 0034 936633719
fax:- +34 936 633 722



Photographic Equipment

SubSpeci Personalized Products

GIFTS Personalizados, S.L. is the company leader in product distribution and specific machinery to make personalized products, in Europe.

GIFTS distributes to personalizeable material and specific machinery in more than 15 countries like Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Monaco, Poland, Portugal. Our central seat is in Barcelona (Spain).

We have an ample catalogue with more than 3000 products exclusively oriented to personalize. In addition we distributed to all the equipment and machinery necessary to make customized products, as well as all the consumable ones for any format of work.The business of the photography has undergone great changes in the last years. In the analogical machinery and the declivity sale consumable have caused a great crisis in the sector. Taking advantage of the knowledge and the portfolio clients who have the professionals of the photography it can enter which is the business more profitable than it exists related to the image - the personalized products. An applicable technique in many scopes - publicity, decoration, construction, sportswears, labor clothes, etc. Considering that the commercial margins of the personalized products are much greater to those of traditional photography, an opportunity to increase our business appears to us offering a product original, novel, of quality and very attractive.

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