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Model Agency Directory

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Modeling agencies are companies who find assignments for models who are paid on a commission basis.

They find work by making contacts with photographers (a list of of which can be found on our Find a Photographer Directory) and agencies, booking the jobs, billing for the jobs, and eventually paying the /Chris Nottingham models for their time. By handling the details, an agency allows a model to focus on modelling and not necessarily on the business end.

By the nature of modeling many agencies work 'around the clock', providing models for late bookings and cancellations.

So if you are  looking models for male, female, fashion, glamour, adult, nude, black, swimsuit, bikini and photographer for your next project, then contact a model agency.

Models are also available for you to create portfolio work or a professional corporate assignment.  In many case you will achieve better results by using someone who is accustomed to working in front of the lens.

Contrary to the popular myth - there is NO age limit on modeling. Turn on the TV and watch some commercials - pick up a few magazines - there are models of every age range and body type in use today.

Use the links below to find agencies from the listed countries: David Hastings

Model-Model Agencies UK
Model-Model Agencies Australia
Model-Model Agencies Belgium
Model Agencies Brazil
Model Agencies Canada
Model Agencies France
Model Agencies Germany
Model Agencies Greece
Model Agencies Ireland
Model Agencies Italy
Model Agencies Mexico
Model Agencies New Zealand
Model Agencies Norway
Model Agencies South Africa
Model Agencies Spain
Model Agencies Sweden
Model Model Agencies USA


We would also appreciate your help if any  of the information is incorrect or you would like to add a supplier then please use this form: Trade Directory Form

We reserve the right to decide who is included on this directory, if you would like to be listed on these pages please complete this form: Directory Listing

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