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Mentor Me Programme

Mentoring for photographers

When there is such a choice of representative organizations out there you may ask yourself, 'Why The Society?' To us the answer is very simple. If you are a newcomer to the industry or considering a career change then we offer the most comprehensive range of educational seminars by cutting edge speakers in the UK and Europe. The profile of our membership contains many individuals who have enjoyed active careers in many of the traditional 'professions' and to whom 'professionalism' is second nature. We are dedicated to providing quality training and mentoring to all who ask and want to progress in Professional Photography without prejudice or discrimination. If you are already in practice and want to gain that all important edge over your competitors, then we can help you too. And what is more, your qualifications will be accredited in respect of your past achievements. Please visit:

Increasing the number of qualified members is a vital factor in attaining a merchantable standard of imaging across the industry and will ultimately enable The Society to actively promote a number of marketing initiatives over the next few years in order to positively increase business. The primary level of 'Licentiate' is benchmarked to inspire customer confidence in the ability and quality of work expected of a 'Professional Photographer' operating in the UK market. Without the benefit of such benchmarking we are unable to promote with confidence or with validity and integrity, an average standard of professional imaging.

We have a small team dedicated to innovative programmes and research in order to provide you with the right tools to develop your business. One of these is our invaluable 'Mentor Me' programme through which you receive a one to one appraisal of your work and advice for progression. All reports include recommendations for participation in training programmes pertinent to your professional development and it doesn't just stop at reaching your Licentiateship. In fact, that is only the beginning on a journey of lifelong learning.

Our website is packed with training courses all year round to meet the diverse needs of the membership. In a quest for quality of training delivery we are reducing the number of delegates on each course.

Submission Guidelines

To try and avoid any confusion in submissions for the Mentoring Programme we feel that it is prudent to lay down a number of guidelines.

  1. A submission will take the form of 20 Images in JPEG format, sequentially numbered 01 to 20 with no prefixes whatsoever.
  2. The images MUST be in one genre i.e. wedding, portrait, illustrative and pictorial etc.
  3. Each file should not exceed 2000 pixels on the longest side.
  4. The files should be placed in a single folder and zipped for electronic file submission.
  5. Presented as if you would to a client.
  6. Submissions sent to the Mentor, which are not in the correct format, will not be assessed. However, an email will be sent to you to request another submission in the correct format.
Members are then requested to complete our online form for either mentoring or qualifications. Once completed you will be directed to our MailBigFile upload facility, this will substantially speed up uploads for our members

Remember to save the files as jpgs
Number 01 - 20
2000 pixels on the longest side
Create a contact sheet with all 20 images
Compress all the files into one zip folder
Please then rename the zip file YourName_MembershipNumber_qualification/mentoring i.e

Mentor Me Advice
Mentoring application form
Licentiate and Associate form

Members can submit for qualifications or mentoring in just about any given subject

Suggestions for wedding submissions

Mentoring submissions will receive a report. Should the member upon receipt of the report wish to have their submission considered for Licentiate, Associate or Fellow a separate application must be made with the appropriate fee paid. The submission will then be forwarded for considered by three Fellows in the case of Licentiate and Five in the case of Associate and Fellow.

Qualification Submission Form

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the popularity of the Mentoring Programme it may take up to a month to receive feedback from your Mentor. At certain times of the year, particularly during the spring and autumn seminar &workshop programmes these times may increase by up to 2 weeks.

Please complete the Mentoring Form, you will then be directed to the upload facility.
Suggestions for wedding submissions

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