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  Getting Married - Wedding Venue Hampshire England

HampshireGetting Married - Wedding Venue

Friday 19th December 2014  

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Crownline Weddings

Eastleigh Hotel
Crownline Weddings
PO Box 18,
SO50 7ZD

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Crownline Weddings :-
Specialising in Florida destination weddings for UK/US residents we are the longest established, the most professional wedding coordinators for destination weddings in Florida. Whether it is traditional or modern, large group or romantic twosome, we can help you, assist you, do everything for you.

Wedding Trivia:
Rings were used as currency in the Middle East prior to the advent of coinage and were a sign of a persons wealth. In ancient times the wedding ring was thought to protected the bride from "evil spirits". Ancient Roman wedding rings were made of iron. In early Rome a gold band came to symbolize everlasting love and commitment in marriage. Roman wedding rings were carved with two clasped hands. Very early rings had a carved key through which a woman was thought to be able to open her husband's heart.


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