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County ArmaghSWPP Wedding Venues

Sunday 25th September 2016  


County Armagh Wedding Venues

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County Armagh

  1. Armagh City Hotel - Wedding Venue - Armagh City Hotel County Armagh
  2. Charlemont Arms Hotel - Hotel - Charlemont Arms Hotel County Armagh
  3. Edenmore Golf & Country Club - Wedding venue Craigavon - Edenmore Golf & Country Club County Armagh
  4. Old Barn Weddings - Wedding Venue Zug - Old Barn Weddings County Armagh
  5. Seagoe Hotel - Wedding Venue - Seagoe Hotel County Armagh
  6. The Argory - Wedding Venue Dungannon - The Argory County Armagh
  7. The Ashburn Hotel - Hotel - The Ashburn Hotel County Armagh
  8. The Carn Grove Hotel - Hotel - The Carn Grove Hotel County Armagh

Wedding Trivia:
The Venetians Popularized the custom during the 15th. century. Since the diamond was the hardest and most enduring substance in nature it followed that the engagement and marriage would endure forever.