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County FermanaghSWPP Wedding Venues

Thursday 1st September 2016  


County Fermanagh Wedding Venues

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County Fermanagh

  1. Belle Isle Estate - Wedding Venue - Belle Isle Estate County Fermanagh
  2. Belmore Court & Motel - Hotel Enniskillen - Belmore Court & Motel County Fermanagh
  3. Castle Coole - Wedding Venue Enniskillen - Castle Coole County Fermanagh
  4. Crom Estate - Wedding Venue Newtownbutler - Crom Estate County Fermanagh
  5. Florence Court - Wedding Venue Enniskillen - Florence Court County Fermanagh
  6. Glendarragh Valley Inn Ederney - Ederney Hotel - Glendarragh Valley Inn Ederney County Fermanagh
  7. Killyhevlin Hotel - Wedding Venue - Killyhevlin Hotel County Fermanagh
  8. Killyhevlin Hotel - Hotel - Killyhevlin Hotel County Fermanagh
  9. Lough Erne Golf Resort - Hotel - Lough Erne Golf Resort County Fermanagh
  10. Lough Erne Hotel - Kesh Hotel - Lough Erne Hotel County Fermanagh
  11. Lusty Beg Island - Wedding Venue - Lusty Beg Island County Fermanagh
  12. Mahons Hotel - Wedding Venue - Mahons Hotel County Fermanagh
  13. Mahon's Hotel - Irvinestown Hotel - Mahon's Hotel County Fermanagh
  14. Manor House Country Hotel - Wedding Venue - Manor House Country Hotel County Fermanagh
  15. Rossahilly House Ltd - Hotel - Rossahilly House Ltd County Fermanagh
  16. Share Holiday Village - Hotel - Share Holiday Village County Fermanagh
  17. Westville Hotel - Enniskillen Hotel - Westville Hotel County Fermanagh

Wedding Trivia:
This term has many origins from different cultures. In Anglo-Saxon times, the groom had the help of "bridesmen" or "brideknights" to help him capture and/or escort his bride. Later they would make sure that the bride got to the church and to the groom's home afterwards. The women who accompanied and assisted the bride were called "bridesmaids" or "brideswomen".