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Saturday 18th September 2021


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Christina Gressianu
Christina Gressianu Photographer
428 N Lincoln Avenue

tel:- +1 9704 590 000
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I'm generally reserved, quiet, listening and observing are my defaults. I have a cosmopolitan aesthetic and attention to detail, with an easy-going attitude about it all. Because if it's not fun, what's the point? We get one shot at this life, and the real sweetness of it comes from relationships with other people.

Photographs are the world of expression, memory and love to me. They can’t be replaced, re-taken or re-created. A moment, a slice of life snatched out of Time's grabby hands. You'll always regret the photo you didn't take, or the photo you skimped on. So when 6-year-old me was given a pink and black 110 film camera, I took it very seriously. I knew that the photos I would take could not be taken by anyone else ever again. And that's where my love for photography grows from—I honour the unique and amazing connections between you and your loved ones, your clients, even yourself. So you exist as you are today for your children, and grand-children... long after you're gone.

I have several completely un-marketable super-powers. They are:

Heat sink (My hands can be cold on a summer day in Mexico. I can make heat disappear.) Mosquito Magnet (Keep me around and you won't get bitten.) Super Sniffer (Did you eat raw onions in the last week?) Time Clairvoyance (I can tell you what time it is, within 20 minutes, without looking)

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