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24th July 2024 GMT


DAS Digital Asset Solutions Limited

DAS Digital Asset Solutions Limited
PO Box 185
TS10 2WT

tel:- +44 1642 485 322
fax:- +44 164 251 0280
web address:- www.das.uk.net/
e-mail:- philip@das.uk.net



Software - Photographic

SubSpeci Online Mulimedia and Software creators for the Newspaper - Press and Freelance Photo Industry

Providing software for photographic Laboratories, A Digital Bureau Stables of Pro Photographers, and the Newspaper Industry. The DAS software allows an image owner to design a website upload the Hi-Res images to their appointed Bureau for off site storage, have them displayed automatically on the public marketing web interface as proofs.

Thereafter - When orders are made by clients, the Bureau if required, will colour correct using Photoshop on profiled monitors. These images can then be sent to a Pro-Lab or back to the image owner for printing in cropped and sized print folders.

The DAS software allows a busy image owner to create pictures, upload their assets for sale on the website and move on to the next job.

Photo Order also includes a full month or period end sales report package, and also, a by-line sales commission report system, where a Studio may be using more than one photographer.Other reports include.

How many print products sold in a period.Which were the most viewed pictures on line, against most sold What key words were used to search and where did the sales traffic come from.

Unique visitors and page impressions.Top level display category sales reports for Multiplex business sites

DAS also write software for - Local Council and School administration of Pupils. Asset distribution via Broadband and business to client interface solutions.

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