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16th October 2019 GMT

How much of a risk is it if I travel without Insurance on holiday or for work?

aadukiGoing on holiday or abroad can literally be a minefield if you don't take proper precautions. Areas that you thought were "safe" when you check the FCO website you suddenly discover are advised against travel too and that work commission is "just over the border" into an area plagued with trouble!

Being insured is not the end of your responsibility. If you buy a standard Travel Policy you will find that a lot of these kind of things will not be covered. It may be that you are flying somewhere and then have to get a bus through a "dodgy" area before arriving at the resort / destination and into safety. Check the small print - most Insurers will not pay a claim on the WHOLE trip if this is the case - you end up being penalised for something outside of your control!

I am working abroad - is my Travel Insurance different?

Yes it is! You need to ensure that your policy covers you for working. The risks are judged by Insurers to be different. Bear in mind if you are working and something happens and you have standard travel insurance, then Insurers can deny a claim. Don't forget to check your visa requirements too!

Are the limits of insurance better on a business policy?

Yes, they are. As the premiums are higher, Insurers tend to offer better coverage to you as well so you can be assured there is plenty of scope should the worst happen.

I am travelling to a country the FCO recommends against what should I do?

There are a few specialist Insurers that can provide cover for this - Aaduki being one of them and it is dealt with at our Reigate Office. The important thing to remember here is that you will not get a policy for £20 or so. These tend to be single trip policies are usually start at a minimum of £100 depending on where you are going. Some places are more expensive than others - for example, going to South Sudan, Ukraine or Nigeria at the moment are pricey!

Is there anywhere in the world where cover isn't available?

There are currently 3 places where you cannot get travel insurance too. These are Syria, North Korea and Iran. The embargo has nothing to do with the physical situation in the country, but the fact they are subject to "financial sanctions" from the UK Government. That means that even if you were injured and picked up by an ambulance and taken to hospital - because the Insurers cannot differentiate between a private commercial ambulance and hospital and a Government run organisation they CANNOT pay the bill. Therefore they cannot accept your money as premium but they wouldn't be able to pay in the event of something happening.

I insure my equipment on my house policy - can I get a short term equipment cover for my trip?

The answer is yes you can BUT with us you must also purchase your travel insurance at the same time to benefit from this cover. If you already have travel insurance in place then we will not offer a short term policy but would cover you for 12 months.

There is a group of us travelling can we insure as one?

Yes this is the most cost effective way of doing it. The policy is called "group travel" and will include all members of the group on the assigned dates.

I need to buy a High Risk Travel Insurance is there anything not covered?

This is very important. If you are travelling somewhere that the FCO advises against travel to and we offer a policy, then there will be limited cover under cancellation and curtailment. There will be specific things that may be covered for example a death in the family or the travelling party, an airline no longer flying there, or something that is beyond your control like jury service but on the whole if the Insurers have given the policy and recognise that this is a "high risk" destination, even if a civil war breaks out they have given the policy to you on the understanding that might happen. They may consider a delay to your trip but the reality is if you have paid and they have offered cover the policy is in force whether you choose to go or not.

I want to go to Egypt or Kenya on holiday but the situation isn't stable - is this ok?

Yes, you will need a specific high risk travel policy but we could cover that for you. It would be on a single trip basis and we will need to know how you're getting around, either with a tour or on your own and if you are having guides etc. but that is something Aaduki could offer a policy on.

Travel Insurance is something that you simply shouldn't leave the country without. If you are going to Europe, then you should also have your E111 with you that allows free health care in EU countries. Remember if something goes wrong then it can cost a fortune - a small car accident that isn't your fault can run into tens of thousands of pounds for treatment cover without repatriation, and the costs can increase if you are in the USA or Canada.

If you're ever in doubt then it is worth contacting us and getting some advice. We are always here to help support members of The Societies make the most informed choices and we would be delighted to assist from our Reigate office on 01737 735050.

Call us on 020 3633 2280 for more advice or if you have a specific question.

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