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Kolpos KorallionSWPP Wedding Venues

Friday 18th January 2019  


Kolpos Korallion Wedding Venues

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Kolpos Korallion

  1. Ascos Beach Hotel Kolpos Korallion - Wedding Venue - Ascos Beach Hotel Kolpos Korallion Kolpos Korallion
  2. Coral Beach Hotel & Resort - Wedding Venue - Coral Beach Hotel & Resort Kolpos Korallion
  3. Corallia Beach Hotel - Wedding Venue - Corallia Beach Hotel Kolpos Korallion
  4. Crown Resorts At Coral Bay - Wedding Venue - Crown Resorts At Coral Bay Kolpos Korallion

Wedding Trivia:
In early times, for Christians, Sunday was the original day of choice for weddings because it was not a work day. The Puritan revolution in England during the 17th century changed all that - because the Puritans thought it improper to be festive on the Sabbath, Saturday.